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  1. Majix

    looking for battleship with rapidshare

    Thank you !! Do you have "Cabin in the Woods" by any chance??
  2. Majix

    Cabin in the woods

    Hi everyone!! I am looking for a good copy of "Cabin in the woods" if anyone knows a link through Rapidshare, Extabit, Jumbo Files, or any other fast but free download site. A good Cam would be okay, but I would really like a dvd quality one if possible, because I watched a crappy Cam when it came out. Thank you very much if you can help.....and thanks for taking the time, to see if you can, by just reading this!! ***To the Admins..... I hope I posted this movie request properly. If not, can you please P.M. me with the correct method. Thanks.
  3. Majix

    filesonic has caved to big corporations

    Rapidshare is up and running..... and apparently will stay up.
  4. User.......Duc Thinh......

    Has a double post of......Music Itunes share update!! NEW....with the same download link at 1:30am and 1:31am

  5. User.....Duc Thinh.....is posting every 2-3 minutes so could be a BOT. Are Bots allowed here ??

  6. User....zeko84

    Has a double post of......The Thomas Crown Affair 1968 iNTERNAL DVDRip XviD-EXViDiNT ....with the same download link at 8:43am and 8:44am today.

  7. User...."asharali"

    Has a double post of ....[WU]Cars 2 2011 TS CLEANED XViD AC3 HiveCM8.....with the same download link at 8:45am and 8:42am today.

    It won't let me post the links to them.....sorry.

  8. Chillin like someone who just saw the dentist !! OUCH !! LOL !!

  9. Chillin like a villin !!