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  1. Blackrome03

    Bluetooth not available on device

    Solved I had to hold down the power button for 10 seconds on my laptop until it turns off, then unplug my power cable from my laptop, wait 30 seconds plug the power cable back in then turn on the laptop and all good. If anyone has a similar issue try this method as it worked for me hope all is well
  2. Blackrome03

    Bluetooth not available on device

    Hello All I have lost Bluetooth access on my Dell laptop and I'm having trouble connecting it as the online fix(s) hasn't worked at all. Below is an over view of where everything stands currently. Under Device Manager Bluetooth is not shown Under shown hidden devices I'm able to view But I'm not able to update anything Are there any options to connect my Bluetooth again? I'm not sure why it started working in the first place. Thanks to all that can provide support
  3. Blackrome03

    ASUS Laptop not charging

  4. Blackrome03

    ASUS Laptop not charging

    The laptop is bout 8 years or more old... it's weird one day the laptop shut off then when I restarted it I saw it wasn't charging at all... this laptop has a non removable battery... I don't think it's the cable cord issue as once it stays plugged in the laptop is still at 0% but if I unplug it shutdown
  5. Blackrome03

    ASUS Laptop not charging

    Hello Friends My Asus laptop stopped charging and is currently at 0% I tired uninstalling the batteries in device manager then restarting the laptop but it didn't work. If there are any solutions please feel free to let me know thanks in advance
  6. Hi All I have download this huge file many times over the past year and when I go to run.exe file it gives an error message. I disabled my anti-virus program before hand and that didn't change a thing. The help section either doesn't have a solution or the person that is helping just stops replying back to me. This is my 3rd or 4th post in the help desk section I just want to get this program to work but it's been many months without anything. Thanks advance to whom ever can help me
  7. There is this tool called Retail LV that you can select the 2016 or 2019 version then it generates the serial code once installation has been completed. I worked twice for me but that pop up message just comes back again so I'm stuck.
  8. I don't have that issue everything unpacks for me no problem it's just the installation process that doesn't seem to work at all. Either it installs put and still get that pop notification or it doesn't let me install it at I've tired so many times over the months and it's all for not.
  9. Hello Everyone For the last few weeks/months I've been trying to get Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2016-2019 (x64) to run properly on my new laptop. I was able to do so back in Mid January of this year but unfortunately this came up whenever I open word or excel documents I'm able to edit them for now but on my old laptop it's read only. Since mid February to now I have been downloading huge 1 of 9 or 1 of 14 zip files many times over from different users on the site but the result is the same. Also, I am aware to temporarily disable my anti-virus program during the up-zip and installation but it doesn't allow me to do anything past that point. The rare time I was able to get it to install after using the RETAIL option to generate it I would get the same pop up message when I use word or excel, Is there something I'm doing wrong on my part? For Microsoft office is it temporary access until it has to be re-installed again? I guess the option to get a list of product key are long gone Thanks in advance for any assistance
  10. Hey Tech 425 I restarted my laptop and tried again but the results were the same. Google Chrome Browser Microsoft Edge Browser All 9 out of the 12 files downloaded no problem and I can even go back to those 9 links again, so only links part 3 to 5 are the ones that still give me an error message.