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  1. There is this tool called Retail LV that you can select the 2016 or 2019 version then it generates the serial code once installation has been completed. I worked twice for me but that pop up message just comes back again so I'm stuck.
  2. I don't have that issue everything unpacks for me no problem it's just the installation process that doesn't seem to work at all. Either it installs put and still get that pop notification or it doesn't let me install it at I've tired so many times over the months and it's all for not.
  3. Hello Everyone For the last few weeks/months I've been trying to get Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2016-2019 (x64) to run properly on my new laptop. I was able to do so back in Mid January of this year but unfortunately this came up whenever I open word or excel documents I'm able to edit them for now but on my old laptop it's read only. Since mid February to now I have been downloading huge 1 of 9 or 1 of 14 zip files many times over from different users on the site but the result is the same. Also, I am aware to temporarily disable my anti-virus program during the up-zip and installation but it doesn't allow me to do anything past that point. The rare time I was able to get it to install after using the RETAIL option to generate it I would get the same pop up message when I use word or excel, Is there something I'm doing wrong on my part? For Microsoft office is it temporary access until it has to be re-installed again? I guess the option to get a list of product key are long gone Thanks in advance for any assistance
  4. Hey Tech 425 I restarted my laptop and tried again but the results were the same. Google Chrome Browser Microsoft Edge Browser All 9 out of the 12 files downloaded no problem and I can even go back to those 9 links again, so only links part 3 to 5 are the ones that still give me an error message.
  5. Hello All Today when I opened a word document this notification popped which was surprising. I downloaded and installed copy of this file and followed the instructions and everything as working accordingly for a few weeks until today. Should I uninstall then do it over again? Should just download the version that was recently posted? Or was there an error on my part? Thanks in advance for anyone the can provide any assistance
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    5 Adobe Acrobat Alternative

    Pretty COOL thanks for the share
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    SystemCare Pro vs SystemCare Ultimate

    okay do you know who those members are?
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    SystemCare Pro vs SystemCare Ultimate

    Hey So I installed Bitdefender 2020 but i followed the instructions 1. Run bitdefender_tsecurity.exe and cancel the installation by 1% 2. Unpack winrar bitdefender.exe in any folder 3. In the unpacked folder, run the installer.exe and start the installation. 4. After installation, reboot into safe mode and delete the unpacked folder. The bitdefender was already unpacked so I ran it but it was in Dutch so I think it ran correctly however I'm not sure Now I just have the 30 day trial so clearly I did something incorrectly on my end Is there any chance to do a step by step video tutorial?