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  1. Checkmate007

    Official Signature & Avatar Request Thread

    something quick to get you going. somehing is better than nothing! )
  2. Checkmate007

    Official Signature & Avatar Request Thread

    very simple until i get back in action but a little something of whats coming.....
  3. Checkmate007

    Official Signature & Avatar Request Thread

    working on one........for hacker inside )
  4. Hey Checkmate007 I just wanted to wish you and your family a Very Merry Christmas and a

    Very Happy New Year, Thanks for the help you have given me and all the lads/ladies this year

    Take good care of your self over the holidays and mate Stay Safe!

  5. HEY mate..I need next episode of Vampire Diaries s03 Ep7..(150mb)..So ready for it...thanks

  6. hey princess....now i can be extra exxxxxxxcited to be here....."sorry x got stuck" :)

  7. I've tried everything and I can't make a post. I've posted "Thanks"...all I can do is reply. I've been a long time member here with over 350 topics posted...


    If I can get no one to respond...then I guess it is time to quit - So please send a PM if that is possible and let me know if I'm allowed to post a topic or not.



    1. Catman_29


      Hey Cal  :big_boss:

      Where did you go?


  8. Checkmate007

    What do you think of this forum?

    it will take some time like wicked said to get used to it and Mod it but iam sure once we get the ball rolling and know the ways well get fast and good to mod and edit... i like the new look a lot, and theres still work being done by CG so with teamwork theres nothing we cant do
  9. Checkmate007

    Report System - All Members, we need your Help

    good work vince