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  1. Ok so I need to back up a locked broken screen phone. Contacts, msgs,call log,fb msgs, deleted msgs. Everything. But I can't pay 40 for a program. Help?
  2. demonadark

    Cassandra Clare EBooks Mobi (Completed)

    Ur awesome!
  3. I have searched as well as I can. Looking for all her books I can find for my kindle. I have filefactory account. Thanks,
  4. demonadark

    Cassandra Clare EBooks Mobi (Completed)

    Oh thankyou there was def some of them there. Still need a bunch but it helps!
  5. Looking for all and every ebook of Stephen King I can find. searched and most links are bad. Thanks
  6. demonadark

    Stephen King Ebook Mobi [Completed]

    Kept getting annoying pop ups never could see where to DL them
  7. demonadark

    Ebooks for Kindle [COMPLETE]

    OMGoodness Thankyou!
  8. demonadark

    Ebooks for Kindle [COMPLETE]

    Looking for a complete Anne Rice collection. I have searched and most in Ebooks links are bad.
  9. demonadark

    DVD 2014 Dawn of the planet of the apes- [COMPLETE]

    sorry i thought i did and all the links were dead..? My bad obviously i'm stupid.. I won't be asking or bothering anyone on here again..
  10. Rapidgator if anyone can help.
  11. demonadark

    Spartacus (STARZ) [Completed]

    Don't know how many seasons have been made. My brother really wants them. Thanks in advance. Any or All if available.
  12. demonadark

    True Blood S07E06 [complete]

    I have checked all of the ones in the tv thread none up. please reup for rapidshare plz
  13. demonadark

    True Blood S07E06 [complete]

    got it ty whew lots of pop ups lol ty
  14. demonadark

    True Blood S07E06 [complete]

    ok trying to use this. when I click dl to my computer it plays the file?? no option to save..
  15. Any or all of garth brooks!
  16. demonadark

    Music - Garth Brooks (Completed)

    holy crap thanks man that's almost every song!
  17. Looking for Interview with a vampire & Queen of the damned.. Thankyou. Did a search on movie section didn't find either one.
  18. demonadark

    Dvd Interview with a Vamp & Queen ( Completed )

    Well I am glad your here and helping me with ur extensive libray your great thanks.
  19. demonadark

    DVD Katt Williams (Completed)

    Any or All his stand up I have rapidgator premium. Thanks
  20. demonadark

    Ebooks for Kindle (Completed)

    Looking for Cassandra Clare Mortal Instruments ( all ) 1-6 Infernal Devices ( all ) 1-3 Thanks!
  21. demonadark

    Ebooks for Kindle (Completed)

    password for infernal? I tried the one u message me it didn't work!\
  22. demonadark

    Ebooks for Kindle (Completed)

    TY TY TY
  23. demonadark

    Movie file size - Please Help (Completed)

    Awesome you are amazing ty!
  24. Ok while taking all my dvd's ripping to my computer. Using Xillisoft I notice all my movies are 1-2 gig in size. How do you guys get ur movie files so small Sorry if this is a dumb question.
  25. demonadark

    Movie file size - Please Help (Completed)

    I meant 1 TB external.. Ultimate 7.2.0 build 20120420