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  1. oneoone

    rosetta stone spanish

    Just looking for a working copy,
  2. oneoone

    Internet provider blocking site (solved)

  3. oneoone

    Internet provider blocking site (solved)

    Did the trick ... Thank you again Cyberphonenix
  4. oneoone

    Internet provider blocking site (solved)

    thank you for the reply, I will post on update soon
  5. Hi All, my IP has started to block some sites like www.warez-bb.org and im sure it wont be long till this one is blocked too, Whats the best way around this problem ? Cheers oneoone AKA Rick
  6. oneoone

    Windows Movie Maker does not show pictures

    For slide shows I use Proshow, its way better and will work on win 8 too you can Download it here http://www.cyberphoenix.org/forum/topic/308248-photodex-proshow-producer-603410-proshow-stylepacks/?hl=proshow WMM always seems to go wrong for me so I just stopped using it.
  7. oneoone


    I have found it, I would paste the links but It won't let me do it in the reply box, if anyone wants them just pm me.. 12 flies total 33gb
  8. oneoone

    Photoshop Tutorials ?

    So due to my CRAZY slow upload speed I have here ( about 0.21kbps....it would take around 70hours for a 1 gig file! ) I can't do a lot of uploading to cyberphoenix but want to help out and do my share. This always seems like a very quiet part of the community ! Let me know if you want me to start posting some Photoshop tutorials. Some basic, some a little bit more advanced. Let me know if anyone is interested and the things you’d like to see.
  9. oneoone


    anyone know of a copy of UFC FIT, my lazy ass needs to get back in shape .... Cheers
  10. first of all I just want to say thank you for keeping the hunt up, Cyberphoenix is truly awesome, my wife asked me to track the books down and most of the time I can do it on my own. I didn't have alot of info: the first book is Las Vegas: An Unconventional History by Michelle Ferrariand it turns out the 2nd book Elvis Has Left the Building: The Day the King Died by Dylan Jones is not out till Aug 14th ( don't worry I shall kill her went she gets home. ) Thanks again you guys. oneooen aka Rick
  11. oneoone

    Portrait Pro 12

    I know someone already asked for this but the forum is now locked, Im looking for PortraitPro 12 For PC x86Cheers for the help
  12. oneoone


    Welcome Don, Nice to have you around, Always happy to help out if you need anything.