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  1. I use Bitdefender. I downloaded this file 'just in case'. Thank you for the post!
  2. jkenterprises2

    Frequency2156 - Post Apocalyptic Radio

    Cute Site! Thank you for the post!
  3. jkenterprises2

    AIO Activators - October 10, 2017 | 185 MB

    Thank you very much for the great post and download!
  4. jkenterprises2

    Merry Christmas to everyone

  5. jkenterprises2

    Great to be here again!

    Thanks to Everyone, Especially CyberGod!!! I love the new forum! This is one place that cares about their members! Thank You!!!
  6. jkenterprises2

    Does your PC meets requirements for `that` game?

    Thank You!
  7. just registered on NewSkyII, if u r admin then maybe u could enable me ?

    Your account is still awaiting admin approval.