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  1. Menoetius

    Easy Duplicate Finder [Completed]

    Sorry about the delay, have been away for a few days as unwell. Many, many thanks for that. I am indebted to you. Can't see why my search didn't find it
  2. Some time back I downloaded the program Easy Duplicate Finder but since a HDD crash have been unable to recover it. Has anyone got a copy which they could pass on to me. I cannot locate it on the forums either. Thanks.
  3. Menoetius

    Download sites

    Thanks to all for this info and yes it is two years since I posted the original but having been hospitalised twice, one time a close call and another for mangled fingers in that time, plus the loss of my wife of 63 years, I have not been very active on that front. Indeed I may say that I had forgotten my original question. No not Alzheimers I did try Aldebrid but found that most of the time it was either too complicated or the damned thing just would not work so I gave it away. Maybe it is time to try something else.
  4. Menoetius

    antivirus that leaves crack files alone ?

    Sounds logical, assuming no virus is actually sent to your "downloads" folder. May be worth a try anyway since it is aggravating to lose a d/l on the chance that it may contain a virus.
  5. Menoetius

    antivirus that leaves crack files alone ?

    Could this be why my Avira finds viri in just about every keygen d/l I make? Frustrating to say the least since by the time I am made aware of it the thing has been deleted and/or quarantined. Trouble is how does one know for sure if the keygen is infected? So, since I don't use Netflix anyway what do I do, just take a chance? Surely some protection is better than none?
  6. Hi, due to recent accident have use of left hand only............for at least 3 months. Have lost one third of third finger and first and second currently look like a seamstress's nightmare with all the stitches. Luckily my pinkie needed only two stitches. Need a copy of Dragon Naturally Speaking or equivalent. Can anyone please help and speed up my "typing"? Thanks
  7. Menoetius

    Upgrade to Windows 10 Free Offer

    M$ has always sold their "spyware" junk at high prices. I remember when Word documents had personal info embedded in them and it took a while for M$ to remove that - if they ever did? They are now "giving away FREE" their latest offering??? Why, I wonder, am I so suspicious? I offer NO BID or PASS on this one thanks.
  8. Menoetius

    Top 10 Hackers ....

    Sorry, all I gleaned from this post was that the poster was badly lacking in English.
  9. Menoetius

    In Memory of September 11

    But it will not. There will never be a stop to this sort of idiocy since apart from that "Lying Dog", Bush who took action on lies he generated, most politicians are too damned frightened or too damned greedy to take any action against the real perpetrators. Like piracy in the Asian seas "if you catch one, let him go". Personally, I would not allow any trials, or appeals. Do what the russkies do - immediate shot to the head.
  10. Menoetius

    Where was this Teacher when I went to Catholic School

    Hmm, why all the fuss? Many, many MALE predators within the Catholic Church have got away with it for decades. Why come down on her? That being said she did act in breach of her duties.
  11. Menoetius

    Which Video Format Is The Best?

    What are you smoking? If you have any to spare I will buy it. Maybe THEN I will think the audio and video are synced.
  12. Menoetius

    Which Video Format Is The Best?

    MKV is alright but trying to convert it to a DVD format [or any other for that matter] is a nightmare of the worst order. The sync of audio and video is never possible no matter what converter is used.
  13. Menoetius

    Download sites

    Not a suggestion but a question. Has it been decided by whomever that all files will now be stored on the rapidgator site? I have searched for downloadable movies but all of those I have selected plus some that I merely researched, are only available on rapidgator. Most were available on a number of sites. I managed to save up from my pension to purchase a premium account from one site and now find nobody is apparently using that as storage. I simply cannot afford multiple premium accounts so am limited most often to "free" read "extremely slow" downloads. Not really enjoyable.
  14. Menoetius

    New movie section for older releases

    I know the original post was for a grouping of older movies but also why not have a grouping of the download sites. I finally worked out that a majority of movies etc., were available on the uploaded.net site and as a pensioner with limited assets I finally managed to gather enough to take a premium account on Uploaded and things were fine for a while as I could download the programs/movies of my choice. That premium account now appears to be a waste of money as it appears that the majority of uploaders have migrated to rapidgator or oboom which negates my having fast downloads. I have to search all the files and movies to find any that are available on Uploaded [fewer and fewer] which is time-wasting for me. My internet charges are high enough as it is. If there were a grouping showing the download sites it would make life easier for many in my position.
  15. Menoetius

    Only Premium links

    Thanks for the info. I have also read about the Sandboxie that Darko put in............never heard of it before so will try it. Although I am a pensioner I have now bought a premium account on one server. Limits my downloads somewhat but I can now download at a good speed instead of the idiotic speeds of the "free" sections.