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  1. littlebit

    Some nice torrent sites

    Thanks for the useful info!
  2. littlebit

    Free OS's & Stuff

    So I came across this page looking for old soft wares for Windows XP and it looks like they got all kinds of OS's and stuff! It's worth a look! https://downloadfreeos.weebly.com/
  3. littlebit

    Never piss off a cowboy's wife

    Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned!
  4. littlebit

    Rejected Hallmark Cards

    Lol @ number 2
  5. littlebit


    Ain't it the truth!
  6. Wow,..I didn't know that...thanks for the info!
  7. littlebit

    The I Love You Virus

    Some good ones there!
  8. littlebit

    Grandpa In Hospital

    Good trick!
  9. Thanks for the speed test info Tech425 !
  10. littlebit

    Dealing with Angry Wife

    gotta try that sometime lol!
  11. Good info to know...thanks bmo
  12. littlebit


    Spssst UK666,..hide this before the women get a hold of it!
  13. littlebit

    Technology Upgrade

    rotflmao...good one!
  14. littlebit

    Brave Man

    More like someone lost his mind during the middle of the night! LOL!
  15. littlebit

    Before you leave

    Me thinks that he's not going to get away with the explanation!
  16. littlebit

    VideoHive - Apex Predator 16963500

    Thanks 4 sharing
  17. littlebit

    VideoHive - The Wolf Awakens 16168550

    Thanks 4 sharing!
  18. littlebit

    A Rose

    The wife is gonna slap him for that one!
  19. littlebit

    Be Very Careful

    Waste not, want not,..I always say! Lol!
  20. littlebit


    Damn Tech425,...very good intuitive info there! Thanks 4 sharing that!
  21. littlebit

    I Never Agreed...

    Just like a woman,eh!
  22. littlebit

    Old Indian Chief

    Damn,..I love it,...Native American Indian logic!
  23. Good Stuff...Thanks!
  24. littlebit

    All in one Tutorials

    Many thanks 4 sharing!