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  1. DaNnIbOi

    what is ur name and your country

    Name------- Dan Country----- UK
  2. DaNnIbOi

    Post a Picture Of Your Desktop

    Mines pretty boring actually, new PC & haven't got around to putting anything on it yet!
  3. NEW January 2015 poll! (I will try to do one every month!) Please choose which video format you think is the best! The winner will be chosen on the 9th of February!
  4. DaNnIbOi

    CyberPhoenix | Button's | for Uploader's

    Thanks a lot, I will start to use the Blue one's via my uploads
  5. DaNnIbOi

    Buying a download site premium

    I use Alldebrid and have NEVER had a payment problem, they are awesome at responding to whenever I had a problem and I always get extra days back whenever they go down (so far they've gone down twice in 2 years!)
  6. DaNnIbOi

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to All

    Merry Christmas and a happy new year to all my fellow CP users
  7. DaNnIbOi

    Liverpool's Titanic Girl (BBC TV)

    I downloaded the torrent, then uploaded it for you http://www.cyberwarez.info/forum/topic/120148-cw-uploads-liverpools-titanic-girl-30th-april-2012-pdtv-xvidsubs/
  8. DaNnIbOi

    Girl's car

    Your car is awesome Admin
  9. DaNnIbOi

    Post The Pic of your own true self

    Me and my son, taken about a week ago, he is nearly 10 months
  10. DaNnIbOi

    Your Duck is Dead

    lol very nicely put!
  11. DaNnIbOi

    User group colours?

    I understand that that's why I am a CW Uploader.... If you check my posts, you'll see that I do rip and post W/ CW info
  12. DaNnIbOi

    User group colours?

    I think it might help the board, if the different groups of the board (IE. Admins, Mods, VIP's, ETC...) where to have their own colour, say Admin = Red, Supermod = Royal Blue etc, so that members could tell which members where staff, which were VIP's and so on. I also think it might make normal members upgrade to VIP if they could see there were already members.... Just my "2 cents"
  13. heheheh, cheeky huh? Silly Brit lmao

  14. Hi Danniboi, imagine seeing you here ;)

    1. DaNnIbOi


      Alrite cheeky xD xx