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  1. zatoichi999

    [SOLVED] playback of video files

    i think you're both spot-on! thank you for your patience and helpful insights... you're what makes this sharing is caring all only about! i find that it's not just videos file but exe's, isos, some rar's i think you right about imac to pc and back again... i'll do it right from now on... also i too have a dell i'll try the touchpad prog... tyvm both of you i think i'll stop asking ?'s now... thank you both again...
  2. zatoichi999

    angry birds

    found 2 kinks on torrents at when dwnloded but to no avail.. one didn't loadup saying that it was looking for table but got nil the other protected by a password file that when opened... directed to a survey site... u all know how that works... fill in the blanks and get exactly that in return..nothing... so i have the ab regular, the ab rio versions but not a working version of the seasons or xmas one... i'm hooked.. please any pointers? tyvm for taking the time to read this post.. appreciate all you folks very much! long live cw NEVERMIND! Got it!
  3. zatoichi999

    [SOLVED] playback of video files

    wow great insight! brand of bup drive "G" raid and no i don't leave it on all the time... i'm a little leary of doing so... funny..i don't trust the integrity of todays electronics... or at least that's what i've been told by more senior than i... i think i try to let the drive be shut down properly.. until the "ejected" drive disappears from the screen... i transfer files from my laptop PC to a imac then to the bup drive ... only the ones (the only ones left) that i "buped" and finally i can say it would probably be considered a file transfer and not an actual bup with bup software... thank you for your post and insight... u and fennfam3 give this place the rep it "owns" tyvm
  4. zatoichi999

    [SOLVED] playback of video files

    thank you for the post... admittedly i just , as best i recall, just opened two explorer-like windows from the sending hd and the other from the rcving then just selected and dragged them to the desired backup hd. no special bup proggie used... side note , actually a ? in disguse... do you ever type and not lookk at the screen and when you finally look up to admire your work, it's all jumbled... the end of the sentence is somewhere at the beginning or middle of the sentence typed... i get that alot... im in win7 home p... has that got something to do with the OS, is it a fluke? or is there a system tweak to fix it? i downloaded win7 tweaker several times only to find each time it's in another lang eng not being able to be selected... any suggestions? i know i'm testing your already abounding limits of patience.. please forgive if i get on your nerves... thanks again
  5. zatoichi999

    [SOLVED] playback of video files

    thank you for helping me... different .mp4, flv, etc... have tried gom. vlc, various other apps but the same results... guess i'll have to mourn the loss and try to move on... i just need to make sure other files don't get "corrupted" too... one other note ... it seems to have happened during the 1:1 copy from one hard drive to another bup drive... i don't know if that had anything to do with it for those particular files... others not affected... anywho thank you for viewing and return replying great group of folks here in cyberw land
  6. zatoichi999

    [SOLVED] playback of video files

    just certain videos w/differnt ext's thank you for replying
  7. zatoichi999

    [SOLVED] playback of video files

    some of my favorite video files (which worked previously) now sound like they're on "crack" they are jerky and sound like mickey mouse speaking at the speed of light... the videos are jerky also... incomprehensible sound... i've checked the pc for malware as suggested and updated all video and audio codecs and even tried various decoding/encoding programs to alter the files but to no avail?? any other suggestions... the videos have now been removed from the sites and are no longer able to get them... help in anyways please? a girl has got to get her SRV on at least once a week! ;-) thanks everyone