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  1. Very relevant. I've had two financial breaches this week. Quickly caught and reversed but could have been bad.


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    Windows 10 shut down NAS connection

    That is the thing, there didn't appear to be anything wrong with the credentials, it was one of the first things I checked. I was as surprised as anyone could be when simply renaming the device and adding the credentials worked. What I will do is upgrade both these machines to Windows 10 Pro so I can edit the registry to allow me to pick and choose the updates as well as when they get installed just like in Win7. That way I can be sitting there updating one machine at a time and immediately roll back if something is wrong.
  4. SlaveTrainer

    Windows 10 shut down NAS connection

    Nope, it wasn't a virus. That would have been odd seeing as it killed 2 laptops at the same time. What it ended up being was a corrupted credentials issue caused by the update. Although the credentials were there on both units MS managed to hose both units. I renamed the NAS and reconfigured the whole office and they are back up and running. I've learned a lesson. It just didn't look like a credentials issue. It seems MS has been hosing a whole lot of folks this way.
  5. SlaveTrainer

    Windows 10 shut down NAS connection

    Thanks for the long response. You put a lot of thought into it. NAS stands for Network Attached Storage. It is a backup server device that runs Linux and can have 2,3,4 etc TB Drives in it. Mine has 2 2TB drives that mirror each other so if one fails the other is an exact copy. (MYCLOUDEX2ULTRA) It has a shared folder section all can access and a section I am able to back up parts of each computer to for safe keeping of the business records. It uploads an exact copy to another NAS located at my office for redundancy. These computers are in my clients business as is their NAS. I have no control over the OS they run. They say buy, I buy. They are slowly upgrading (cough cough) all their PCs and with them to Windows 10. The users are fairly computer illiterate which adds to my problem already. At this point it may be a Windows Reset I will have to do. I should also take them from the home version I can't edit the registry to stop auto updates on to the Pro version which can be tweaked. I'm out of the office for 10 days so I'm researching options before I get back and try easier methods.
  6. I have 6 computers on a network. 4 run Windows 7 and have no issues. 2 run Windows 10 Home. They have all been sharing a public folder on the NAS since Feb. 15 with no problem. Over the weekend the 2 Win10 units stopped linking. All computers run the same anti-virus which has no firewall and Windows Firewall. I have done everything over the past 30 hours to one or both. Ran update repair/ troubleshooter which worked on the one unit until I did a reboot, reset the network completely (modem,router,NAS), reset the IP/TCP stack, flushed etc the dns, upgraded the one that was on 1607 to 1703 Creator OS, nothing has worked more than a few minutes or until a reboot. I can ping and tracert the IP of the NAS, Windows sees the device. It just gives the error: your computer appears to be correctly configured, but the device or resource (NAS) is not responding... Anyone have suggestions on what to try? It will not allow me to map the drive but that shouldn't even be needed. So far only stock answers from Microsoft. BTW, it doesn't matter if I have the 2 laptops on the WIFI which is what they usually use or are hard wired. Antivirus and firewall turned off does nothing either. I have to be missing a fix. Every tech I know just scratches their head.