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  1. NEMESIS .the inescapable agent of someone's or something's downfall. - DeathGod
  2. Devilsnare

    The next line is?

    both of u are losers so ...
  3. Devilsnare

    The next line is?

    Osama bin laden and told obama ..
  4. Devilsnare

    What is your hobby

    I got several as well gaming ( professional) played in WCG india Tweaking pc to its max performance without damaging anything constantly. moderating cw (from Feb<---- thats when i joined) and uploading/VIp caretaking GF isn't a hobby but i guess the spare time goes there at times Drinking, clubbing , partyin Im not much of a out door guy but like to go to movies most of the time ( just movies)<-------- just don't know how i manage that
  5. lol dude no chemicals in that case most of them wont know what that is and moreover the name of ur chemical is incomplete anyway lets forget it for now and continue on and ill start with something simple "C" Clarionet
  6. Devilsnare

    Which phone is better for internet ?

    isn't it obvious s3 rules for now because its firmware and hardware are advanced compared to 4s and s2 but that is only a matter of time before iPhone 5 comes out which is rumored to beat them down in a landslide
  7. Devilsnare

    eBay Invoice Handling Package

    i've never actually heard of a tool like that but from the sound of it if it looks like its going to a good one .... anyway ill try my best
  8. Devilsnare

    Video to GIF Converter 6.20

    ok i think this is the one ur lookin for Video To GIF Converter v 3.4 Download: http://depositfiles.com/files/rojiv0gnu
  9. Devilsnare

    Video to GIF Converter 6.20

    my bad forgot have added password to the post