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    Best fake emailer I have ever seen

  2. NEMESIS .the inescapable agent of someone's or something's downfall. - DeathGod
  3. Extremely Busy trying to figure out how to settle down

  4. Well basically we are all family here and it would be nice to see some of them in pics rather than words .. also add a comment if you want ill start off with my pic And come on ppl dont be shy Just incase you do feel very insecure with posting your pic then no worries we understand :cwrocks: Waddup :cw):
  5. Devilsnare

    The next line is?

    both of u are losers so ...
  6. Devilsnare

    The next line is?

    Osama bin laden and told obama ..
  7. Devilsnare

    What is your hobby

    I got several as well gaming ( professional) played in WCG india Tweaking pc to its max performance without damaging anything constantly. moderating cw (from Feb<---- thats when i joined) and uploading/VIp caretaking GF isn't a hobby but i guess the spare time goes there at times Drinking, clubbing , partyin Im not much of a out door guy but like to go to movies most of the time ( just movies)<-------- just don't know how i manage that
  8. lol dude no chemicals in that case most of them wont know what that is and moreover the name of ur chemical is incomplete anyway lets forget it for now and continue on and ill start with something simple "C" Clarionet
  9. Devilsnare

    Which phone is better for internet ?

    isn't it obvious s3 rules for now because its firmware and hardware are advanced compared to 4s and s2 but that is only a matter of time before iPhone 5 comes out which is rumored to beat them down in a landslide
  10. Devil's plans for 29th june wake up morning go to lab after evening ... due to reasons of birthday devil plans to go to a pub get smashed in the evening then another pub get even more smashed at about 12 celebrate his friends b day by joining him to a small drink( strictly professional lol ) ( is what he thinks) hopefully if im still conscious then get bulldozered by girls if u know what i mean :P Today, 09:32 AM · Delete · Lock

  11. Devilsnare

    eBay Invoice Handling Package

    i've never actually heard of a tool like that but from the sound of it if it looks like its going to a good one .... anyway ill try my best
  12. Devilsnare

    Video to GIF Converter 6.20

    ok i think this is the one ur lookin for Video To GIF Converter v 3.4 Download: http://depositfiles.com/files/rojiv0gnu
  13. literature of review and dissertation getting over in a month omg :D im graduating so soon

  14. Devilsnare

    Video to GIF Converter 6.20

    my bad forgot have added password to the post
  15. Devilsnare

    Video to GIF Converter 6.20

    version 3.1 Download link https://rapidshare.com/#!download|240p1|262002921|Video-AVI.to.GIF.Converter.3.1.rar|5757|0|0 password chevrosky
  16. Devilsnare

    Staff Name Colour

    u guyz been talking abt s mods, mods and gfx and vip... then guess what im a cw uploader and i want rainbow colour and choose anyone whenever i want..reason we post in all forums
  17. Devilsnare

    Folder locker software needed

  18. Devilsnare

    Adding Password to Rar file after it is created...

    nope its not possible mate u have to create password before u rar it unfortunately
  19. Devilsnare

    Windows 7 Is Not Genuine

    http://netload.in/dateiSNpDNTUNVL/Windows Loader v2.1.4.zip.htm use the windows loader by daz link above it will make your windows geniune and moreover u need to check what files u are updating .. windows files will obviously detect your pirated files and will remove your license after updates.. next time just while updating make sure to check whatever is needed and not update everything