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  1. I found this website while i was surfing the internet.This website contains a lot of superb tutorials.Some tutorials i never seen before.This is a superb website so go and check it out. http://mewbies.com
  2. F3AR

    CyberPhoenix | Button's | for Uploader's

    Awesome....GM's works are always cool
  3. Superb coding dude.It will work for me really good.thanks
  4. F3AR

    [How To] Port Forwarding - Noob Detalied

    What is the effect of this Port forwarding?What happens if i do this?
  5. Sorry guys i had a very bad accident so im gonna be absent in CW for a few days

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    2. F3AR


      I am back at home now.had some stitches on the head and hand.

      @Dragon_Skull: I had a bike accident.

    3. ghostxdreams2


      dam hope u get to feeling better. have helmet ?

    4. F3AR


      never.I was doing a stunt and my tire slipped so i fet on the ground.

  6. My end It justifies my means All I ever do is delay My every attempt to evade The end of the road and my end

    1. Saa212


      U cannot delay or evade what is written for you ... yes u can make it Good Or Bad by deciding with beleive the path of the road u follow ....

    2. F3AR


      Thank you for the saying.By the way that was was a lyric of song named Before i forgot by Slipknot. :D

  7. Need a rest after a work shift of 24 hours.

    1. Vinceserious


      Take a Rest now....hehehehe


    2. F3AR


      nop.Taking rest is like i am working.If i am in front of the PC i am taking rest :D:P

  8. F3AR

    Free Torrent Leech Services

    thank you so much dude.very nice share
  9. Thanks to all of you for your kind information.I am feeling very special here.All of you guys are very helpful.I got my solution.Now i am using Malwarebytes and AVG together
  10. Hello guys.I am here to seek a very small help.I need to know about Kaspersky Internet Security [i am using it currently] and Windows Security Essentials.I am now using both of them.As i know a very little about Windows Security Essentials so i don't know that it can be used with kaspersky or not.If i cannot use both of them so which will be the best to use.I want the suggestions of the tech masters. Thank you
  11. So now i am using AVG and Microsoft Security Essential both.Is it necessary to keep them both or should i remove MSE.
  12. @cyberwarez33: I know that KIS is the best but the thing is that it consumes a lot of memory and so it sometimes slow down your PC.You can see that in the Task Manager > Process > see that how much memory it is consuming.You may get shocked after seeing that.On the other hand Microsoft Security Essential consumes 10x less memory than KIS.So i shifted to Microsoft Security Essential.I am now downloading AVG Internet security lets see how good it really works.As dirtylow said he is having a blast with AVG
  13. It feels heavenly watching the rain

    1. Grandad


      But it feels like hell if your are out in it and soaked through.

    2. F3AR


      nop.I like to be soaked in the rain.

  14. Then ist coool to use.Ok ill download and install it now and see how it really works with me.Thanks for the detailed information
  15. F3AR

    Some Great Ideas! DID YOU KNOW?

    Superb ideas .Who is the main inventor of these ideas .Man i must try one of these. lol lol lol
  16. Its ok dirtylow i got much help from vigneshnallamad.He suggested me to use WSE instead of KIS.I agreed with him after seethis that KIS is consuming nearly 10x memory than WSE.so i unistalled that KIS and now using SWE.I heard a lot about AVG.I am looking forward to use that in future.So how does AVG works for you,i mean whats your feedback about AVG @dirtylow
  17. Thanks for the suggestion and thanks again for the quick response.Its true that KIS consumes a lot of memory.
  18. There ain't no grave that can hold my body down

  19. Back from University.Now doing my assignment

  20. F3AR

    Android App Question

    It is totally pleasure.Enjoy