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  1. I use a utility, from Majorgeeks, called LanLights.
  2. Lone Browncoat

    Download sites

    I didn't see that, but still happy with R-D.
  3. Lone Browncoat

    How I download files - maybe it helps you

    I use Free Download Manager {classic/lite} and its Firefox plug-in with https://www.real-debrid.com
  4. Lone Browncoat

    Download sites

    That's the one I use mostly now, as my fixed income has been halved, as I said previously, they're easier to use and have a neat torrent tool. Service is faster now and still under 24 bucks CDN for six months, so I renew in one year chunks.
  5. Lone Browncoat

    Upgrade to Windows 10 Free Offer

    Yeah, and I'll still wait my usual 2-4 years for it to mature before I put it on any new machine builds. Until then, I'll stick with 7 32-bit for my legacy hardware, 64-bit for 'all fresh'.
  6. Lone Browncoat

    FilesTube gone retarded, PirateBay is back though Feb 1st........

    Or alternatively, keep my memberships on Rapid8/Grab8 and RealDebrid, the latter's torrent tool/utility being easier to use than even Free Download Manager {FDM} portable Bittorrent client. Still under 25 bucks CDN [16 € @180days] but I use the former for direct downloads and still hide my I.P. from the source host server.
  7. Lone Browncoat

    FilesTube gone retarded, PirateBay is back though Feb 1st........

    Though I've gotten used to using ...... Torrentz<DOT>eu It seems to be a meta search engine because I get a good amount of alternative sites, a high number of hits consistently. eg. My search for Halo in movie form, not game form, whereas TPB is currently drawing 0 hits. Though I'm wondering if the Pirate browser would conflict with my main Firefox. Close my main Firefox Portable during install? (yes, that was a question for ya'll here) http://piratebrowser.com/#install Or I might try the FoxyProxy addon by itself.
  8. Lone Browncoat

    Download sites

    Yep, AllDebrid has a similar price structure but I had technical problems with them, so I let the one account I had with them just die. Sorry, Grumpy...didn't realise this thread was a re-hash of an earlier one. Another old thread I saw here has an O.P. that stated their problems with with having only a 2Mb/s download speed. Which is the only reason I was boosting for icefilms. They'd have to settle for .avi and .mp4 files that are under 200MB, but at least they wouldn't have to worry about missing any programme material. Myself, I love my .mkv files, ever since changing ISPs, just like watching 'live' TV but without the commercials! Also, I'm ashamed to say, still don't have the hang of "VideoReDo" just yet and my DVR is limited to one show at a time as I'm using a legacy capture card, rather than some thing modern like HDHomerun.
  9. Lone Browncoat

    Download sites

    If you're wanting to transload the links you do find to a single account, you couldn't do better than Rapid8/Grab8 or Real-Debrid. When Jake at 2Leech left the business to concentrate on College, he transferred my account to the former, and while the interface is pre-WWW crude, it is efficient and works for modest systems. http://p3.grab8.com/2/index.php (hope this works, can't get to the home page, as I'm permanently locked to the member's page) If you're on a tight-ass budget, I recommend ; https://real-debrid.com/ They only cost me [currently] 23 dollars CDN {16euro} for six months and have an easy to use torrent tool that is dummy-proof. Plus renewals get you bonus points that extend your expiry dates. Once a member of either, just take the link you find, c & p it into the appropriate box, then download from their server. So it hides your I.P. like a VPN does. I use both, the former as my main, the latter as a backup, though as I grab more torrents now than ever, I'm giving R-D more of a daily workout. Then there's still ; http://www.icefilms.info/ Though ONLY as a library of links, don't give them grief if the files go missing from the original servers, they're not responsible for that, they only provide the easiest links from selected file hosters for those that can only afford free downloads, join them {I can be found in their forums under this name}, donate and you get a cool colour change on your screen name and can enter members-only areas. In fact, if the owner of this board finds it difficult to maintain, I suggest we all migrate to icefilms forum, or at least meet there if this goes the way of the previous board, it doesn't cost anything to join icefilms forums, then read up why we're boycotting go-daddy.
  10. ...and I'm frustrated in trying to find alternatives, so far I'm finding alternative file search engines like ShareDir to be quite inferior to what FilesTube was prior to December 1st. The same goes for other torrent sites, when compared to thepiratebay.se there is a .cr but all listings so far are fake. http://www.isitdownrightnow.com/thepiratebay.org.html Right now, looking for links is driving me nuts, as most of the 'second tier' have their domains up for sale or have become ad/spam sites. Could the cops/Interpol have shut them down?
  11. Will there be an exemption option (in the dialogue box) the way that AVG 2013 allows one to make for items a user wants to keep? Running 31 portable, so 32 portable will lag behind the release date of 32 desktop. Same as Cyb3r3vil, I wonder if it will affect Mega Manager [yes I still use it, just skip the login screen, go straight to the downloads tab] as it too has FF integration via an add-on. However, my FDM is the portable version, which I use for torrents as it has a client built-in. Thanks for the heads up!
  12. Lone Browncoat

    Cheap Rapidleech Under $3 for 15 gigs of space

    Something is lost in the translation. The "Learn More" button actually says "Lean More"
  13. Lone Browncoat

    Oh boy! Oh boy!

    thank you
  14. Lone Browncoat

    Filehosts information

    Pretty please, any file host that works with 2Leech, you can pay them via WePay, which to me is better than PayPal.
  15. Lone Browncoat

    Oh boy! Oh boy!

    Thank You.