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    How to start with PS & Web Design

    Basics of web design is HTML & CSS CSS is important as it is the styling sheet and actual design of the page HTML is used for content JAVA adds 'design features' such as the 'time', 'animations', pop up boxes ect those three would be the best start, you can run HTML, JAVA and CSS from your browser to view the out look you can create a fully functional website using HTML, JAVA and CSS. If you want to move on to more advanced stuff, 'log in pages' 'restricted pages' 'run a shop' ect then think about PHP PHP is server side programming. You need to upload the php files to a server to view your work. Mabye for your first attempt, download a pre made template and edit it, it will help you understand whats doing what and you will learn as you go along.
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    Hide Links

    Yes i Agree
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    Hide Links

    point of the thank you button is that after its been clicked the download link is then in view. as well as thanking the poster. the green 'like this' button does not have the same effect. plus look around the forum, how many times as it been used in the download section from members ?? hardly ever. but that is not my point. my point is hiding a link until you reply / click a thanks button. then the uploader knows that links are been used. however the uploader knows the link is been used from there filehosting account. i genuinely did not know that users where payed for there links either. I have been on line years. i have not used warez forums for a while.the above is how things where done back then at alot of forums...
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    Hide Links

    If thats the case. Case Closed
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    Hide Links

    I fail to understand why your refer to saying thank you to somoene for there work as a 'hindrance'. It takes time to set up and run forums and post content. it takes under a min to say thank you or click a thank you button Uploaders post topics to make money ??? never heard that one before..... what exactly do you mean when you say 'where would we be with out leechers?' leechers are not doing anything for the forum apart from taking a space in the database... This feature is not a way to 'meet new members and talk to them' its so that uploaders know that what they are doing is worth it. exammple 30 views on a topic does not mean 30 people downloaded - they just viewed it. if a user wants to download they say thanks so they can see the links. so the uploader gets feedback and knows people are actually downloading and using the links. Its not a rule its a feature. people just use it. well if people like to spend there time posting links and not know if any of them are been used then that up to them. Just a sugestion here.
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    Hide Links

    It is stealing as the origional poster does not get credit for the post. Why spend time posting topics if you know someone is going to 'steal' them and your links to use for another forum ? A thank you button would let the origional poster know that there links are actually been used and that there is actualy a point in posting links and uploading stuff. People say thank you in person why not show the same respect on-line ? its like compleating some home work and never getting a grade for it....... Leechers are also ones who steal from the forum. the uploaders spend time posting links. a leecher spends a few mins on the forum to steal them. the uploader doesnt know which links if any that they are posting are actually been used. Other forums forums do have leechers. thats why they have thousends of members most of which have 0 - 5 posts and are hardly active. Just clogging up the database. Its the people / members / users who make a forum. which is why i think it is important that contributing members are recognised for what they shaire. having people recognise others work and in put. letting uploaders know that they are appreshiated by members. bringing the community of the forum together and encuraging others to contribute too.
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    Hide Links

    Hey I do not know if this has already been mentioned or if you already have a valid reason why this feature has not been implemented. # I notice that on this forum we have 'members' who have joined the forum weeks, months and even years ago (2009) and made only 1 post. 'A Introduction' and 0 contributing posts. These types of members are still regarded as 'Active' because they are visiting the forum but not contributing to it. # Its not difficult to work out that what they are most likley doing is using the forum to get what they want 'Leeching' with out contributing and been a forum asset. # The other thought is that these 'Non-Contributers' are steeling links to post on other related forums. # I personally feel that contributing members, the ones who are valued are not actually been noticed or thanked enough for the work in which they put in. I look around the forum 'Download' Sections and there are hundereds / thousends of un-anwsered topics. Not even a thank you to the origional topic poster for their work. # Wouldn't it make sence to install the Hide Tag / Thank You system so that 'members' have to reply to a topic before they can view the link. contributers are thanked for there work and 'members' are in a way posting on the forum and it may make them contribute thurther. Also if a member continuasly replyes to lots of topics in one section very quickly its obvious that they are steeling links so action can be taken.