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  1. Omnion

    avg antivirus

    actually three hours
  2. Omnion

    avg antivirus

    i hate that ul.to and i just dont know why people upload on it lol u can download for free that is true but look at the damn speed, and if u want to download other file ? u have to wait one hour...
  3. Omnion


    Hello and Welcome to CyberPhoenix
  4. Omnion


    Hello and Welcome to CyberPhoenix
  5. Omnion

    Need Seedbox account

    well it not very easy to find a better free one :/
  6. Omnion

    Hacker Inside Is Here !

    Hello and welcome to CyberPhoenix I also like cracking and im good also
  7. Omnion

    Hachiko, the Faithful Dog ....

    this is a very good movie i cried when hachi waited hopelessly in front of train station
  8. Omnion

    Hello CyberPhoenix,

    Hello and welcome to CyberPhoenix
  9. Omnion

    Dragonballz Z Battle of Gods

    "if trying to find it on online, there's is no Link online for DBZ: Battle of gods. Cos' in Japan is very hard to sneak in a camera into theaters (Rumors) but there's are some that are record from the camera phone it looks crappy. Most of them are record and only show the side of the screen, the ones on youtube are the same as the ones online. But the good news is the Battle of gods is coming out on Blu-ray and DVD in Japan on September, so you have to wait until someone from japan uploads in torrents." source:yahoo answers
  10. hey guys need this full album if anyone can upload thanks
  11. Omnion

    FLV Player Issue

    use gom player its best http://download.cnet.com/GOM-Media-Player/3000-13632_4-10551786.html