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  1. naxalka

    Recovery deleted msg Nokia

    its showing only data sms in rtc format , when i try to open it with program its showing some numbers
  2. naxalka

    unmountable_boot_volume xp

    pls admins close the topic.
  3. naxalka

    unmountable_boot_volume xp

    Thank you, but its didn't help. Its writing 1 or 2 bad sectors, specialy that I wrote up my win not on disk C
  4. naxalka

    unmountable_boot_volume xp

    Hey guys, I got a problem with laptop, after elecktricity jumping, blue screen with terrible msg -unmountable_boot_volume. I try consol with chkdsk but its didn't work , its use local disk C, and says that there's 1 or 2 prob which can't be solved, but my windows on local D. The most funny that all the all local disk except C dissapered. Pls help me to solve this problem with out loosing the info on local disks. (Necessary to save not system disk, important other local disk) . Thank you
  5. naxalka

    Recovery deleted msg Nokia

    thanx for the advice, but the target is msgs (sms). the prob like, some1 sent money from phone and have deleted all sms and reports, just he or she forgot delete log.
  6. naxalka

    Recovery deleted msg Nokia

    Hey guys, i have question - theres some way to recover deleted msgs from Nokia e5?
  7. naxalka

    A small request

    its not like combination of some internet acceleraters , its like - u should instal 1 of such program, +downloader for files ( for ur best as such program by them self make speed),also u need new drivers for modem + upgrading it to new software, u should configure TCP/IP, also configure buffers FIFO and ports! And dont forget cache should be not less than 20mb something like this, sorry for my english Active Speed Ashampoo _ serial - ASIACH-77PG09-RUP96X
  8. naxalka

    A small request

    look i can advice u 2 program Ashampoo® Internet Accelerator or Active Speed 7.0.9. for both theres serials and cracks, + they r checked and they r working. But same time, theres steps which u can make by urself plus some small programs to make speed internet (small headache), but as showing practice the speed which u have in ur line, the max which u can reach u will never jump over. Just let me know which program u want and or ill upload or give u links, or guys will put on website
  9. naxalka

    A small request

    OS of ur PC till 300%? mmmmm coooooolll,dont believe
  10. naxalka

    A small request

    Dear, abt this booster, u read comments? Its can up ur conx till 20% max. Anyways which modem u have and OS pls. Or u just need crack for booster?
  11. OS UPGRADE GUIDE (Optional) Uninstall any previous OS from PC. Download OS to PC. Use Internet Explorer, not Firefox or Chrome. (For leaked versions, browser is irrelevant.) *If 100% certain you've previously used FF or Chrome on same PC to DL an OS successfully, feel free to use FF or Chrome again. Following successful DL, run OS file to install OS on PC. On BB, go to BBM Options, scroll down to Backup section. Ensure Remote Backup is enabled AND also conduct a Local Backup to media card. Go through any 3rd party apps with option to save settings to media card. Conduct Backup to media card within each of these apps. (Examples: Bellshare apps like BerryBuzz & BerryWeather; QuickLaunch; Shao's apps like Wallpaper Changer & SixTools; etc). Connect BB to PC. Open DM and backup device. Close DM. (Optional) Use desktop app like BBSAK or BBMCP to backup 3rd party apps. On PC, delete Vendor file located here: •64-bit: Computer/C:/Program Files (x86)/Common Files/Research In Motion/AppLoader •32-bit: Computer/C:/Program Files/Common Files/Research In Motion/AppLoader (Optional/Recommended) Run BB Boss v2.2 or BBH Tool (formerly Shrink-A-OS). In same AppLoader file where you deleted Vendor, double-click Loader to load OS to BB. Follow onscreen instructions. After loading OS, perform several physical battery pulls over first 1-2 days for OS to "settle in." Perform first batt pull very soon after OS is loaded. Also in this topic i will propose you some of OS (checked and gd working), but needs from you phone info.
  12. naxalka

    IRC chat

    Hey all, i know im new, but already i put my nose in some stuff), maybe its not nice, but im thinking to propose for admins, to make irc chat for users of forum, except shoutbox and forum,u have irc chat where every1 who need ergent help can ask, or just chat Best regards
  13. Hey guys, wanna ask if some1 knows any app for Iphone with function blacklist , as i search nothing appear, plus every where saying thats theres no any app with blacklist, like they didnt create it. Some1 knows something abt?
  14. naxalka

    Blackberry Section

    its depends on wich platform u have htc, as i know its can be on android (they have section), and win mobile, so the smarter way is to make section abt win mobile with all versions in it. Dont think its silly, or etc. i said abt blackberry cz its different platform from all, and its not so easy to find files in 1 place.