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  1. Cold you remove all my thread all links are Dead sorry

    1. NeophobiA


      Not a prob Mate...

    2. NeophobiA


      All done Mate, hope to see you posting again soon 80)

  2. I am out of hospital but not back yet lol.... i am in a lot of Pain and can only sit for 30 min at a time it will probably be a few weeks before i can do anything online they have me on good pain killers a few nerve pills and antibiotics i HAVE TO WALK WITH A WALKER AND WERE A BACK BRACE and they gave me a bone stimulator to help with bone growth if anyone needs a link i can provide as i keep everything i post

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    2. Tech 425

      Tech 425

      Dang I told the Doc not to give my S@$%T to anyone - I'm Sorry

      Get well soon bud :)

    3. Vinceserious
    4. Darko


      Holy Crap what happened to ya m8??? Glad to hear you are on the mend. I hope all is well for you. Get better. You need lots of therapy and ice cold beer (always works for me ;0)

  3. Getting Surgery July 10 Please Pray For Me Thanks

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    2. Tech 425

      Tech 425

      I will bro and Please do the same for me as I will on the 6th of June

    3. CyberAbc


      I prayer for u bro

    4. Blu_Thunder


      May your prayers be answered. No surgery either minor or major is a risk...

  4. TheCyberPoet

    Visual Poetry From TheCyberPoet

    And Here Is My Tribute To Coffee COFFEE Never mind WarezPoets it's Closed
  5. TheCyberPoet

    Visual Poetry From TheCyberPoet

    Here One I Wrote For My MOM MY MOM
  6. TheCyberPoet

    Visual Poetry From TheCyberPoet

    VERY TRUE I wrote it for my Wife
  7. TheCyberPoet

    Post The Pic of your own true self

    This is Me LOL
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    A Legend Is Here...

    A Legend Huh you sure you are not part of a leagion Welcome to CyberPhoenix All Are Welcome To Share Cause Sharing Is Caring
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    Real Or Fake

    Can You Tell