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  1. Katzenfreund

    My Website on Cats

    I am a Graphic Artist and VIP there.
  2. Katzenfreund

    Purrpetual supply of cats

    Just as a little exercise and fun, I thought I’d create augmented versions of a couple of animated cat GIFs. I call these perpetual to distinguish from just looping the GIF. So these are the original GIFs And here the perpetual versions Purrpetual skidding cats Purrpetual long jumping cats
  3. Katzenfreund

    My Website on Cats

    Before I’m given a warning for violating any rule, I clarify that the site is non-commercial and I derive no income from it. It is intended to promote the appreciation of cats, my favorite pets. It contains: Info, advice, quotes, one liners & pics on cats, including a section of cat smilies I made myself from photos. Dog lovers are also welcome - in the hope of converting them. I’d appreciate any comments, including constructive criticism. Note: tomcat is another nickname I use on some boards where I participate. tomcat’s is an acronym for: tomcat's online miscellaneous cat advice & trivia site http://tomscats.wixsite.com/cats
  4. Katzenfreund

    Cat Oscar Nominations

    Cats are well known for their expressive faces. And sometimes to such an extent, that they can rightfully lay claim to an Oscar. So these are my 20 nominations. Some are real situations, others are “staged” (created a-posteriori) but always based on genuine cat expressions. So to which of the following cats would you award an Oscar? "OMG! What have I done!" “Don’t touch!” “Not amused” “I don't think much of you and your dog” “Be careful!” “Go on, enjoy your meal and don’t think of mine you spoiled” Reaction to meowing back “Please don’t leave me alone” Disapproving Reaction to ceiling fan Reaction to sneeze Cat recognizes his human in a video chat What has bee seen… “Who! Me?!?” Scared kitty Cat caught stealing from drawer “Did I see what I think I saw?” “ What are you looking at?” "Fancy that!" “I lub you little hooman”
  5. Katzenfreund

    The Car Parked Puzzle

    “A child of five could work this out. Send someone to fetch a child of five”. (Groucho Marx)
  6. Katzenfreund

    Teacher and Student

    The fat cow may also give a slap.
  7. Katzenfreund

    Smile Please

    Classics, some of he best I've seen. And another old classic.
  8. Katzenfreund

    How to SAve Job

    Rather well made, its amusement value probably being increased by the fact that it's...true.
  9. This might have gone to the fun section...except that it's an actual news fact. So, are you ready world, just what you have been wanting all along... Now...seriously...whatever next!!!
  10. Nurse Jacintha Saldanha was found dead three days after she took the call from Michael Christian and colleague Mel Greig. One of the Australian DJs who made a prank call to the central London hospital where the Duchess of Cambridge was being treated has been awarded the title of "top jock" by his employer. Nurse Jacintha Saldanha was found dead three days after she took the call from Michael Christian and his colleague Mel Greig when they rang King Edward VII's Hospital where Kate was being treated for severe morning sickness in December. Attempting to find the "best in the land", Southern Cross Austereo's (SCA) Today Network named Christian as one of the network's best DJs in a competition it says has created a "community for SCA's seasoned and emerging talent". http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/kate-middleton-prank-call-aussie-1932563
  11. Katzenfreund

    How Bitcoin Could Destroy America

    I don't really understand how Bitcoins work. You generate or mine them by doing complex operations on a powerful computer. But who gains from these pointless operations so as to pay for he money you get? It generates itself. And it seems the only reason it has a value is because...it has a value. People accept it knowing that it will be accepted by others. There's no official state, bank or body backing it. It's not like this with Dollars, Euros, Yen etc, but I don't know how significant the difference is. In the las analysis, people also accept these knowing they'll be accepted by others. Which leads me to where I started, namely that I don't understand the whole system.
  12. Katzenfreund

    The creative process

    Murphy’s Law of Projects: The first 90% of a project takes 90% of the time, the last 10% takes the other 90% of the time. (Ninety-ninety Rule of Project Schedules)
  13. Katzenfreund

    Didn't see that coming

    That cat is very popular in lol pics.
  14. Katzenfreund

    3D drawing......

    Impressively realistic 3D effect, more so than a photo.