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  1. eatmyshorts

    Is Flirchi true?

    Any website that slows your system down and keeps asking for you to update/dl flash player is dubious at the very least
  2. eatmyshorts

    any one to know how ro hack fb account?

    Personally, I don't think its acceptable practice to hack someones fb account on any level so I'm not going to help you with that one!
  3. The Master Of Disguise... http://rg.to/file/22eb2b56f13f88ca39225c049936bc46/MoD.zip.html Saw http://rg.to/file/cfca47af7bd9671132b7058a7b37a6a4/S.zip.html The Help http://rg.to/file/fcd2bea249aaffa538bc1fb12bcbfd43/TH.zip.html
  4. Use JDownloader/JDownloader 2 or IDM... The Help http://cloudyvideos.com/utxi45k4jk1e The Master Of Disguise http://gorillavid.in/ynq82pl6bcs The Saw http://www.movshare.net/video/0d468024e68c0 I know you wanted RG links but if you use one of the above downloaders.....they will download quickly
  5. eatmyshorts

    Office question

    You shouldn't need to run it again but it depends on what updates you allow. I have known updates to render office 2010 useless, not sure about 2013 though "I tried my crack first KMSnano v25 but it didnt work although its the one i use on my PC are they differnt cracks?" PC's can be at different places in the updates, I'm sure it would also depend on what you did to make your OS proper...
  6. eatmyshorts

    Office question

    No 365 isn't the same as office 2013.....Tweaks have been made to a couple of parts..mainly word and excel. You also get skycloud with 365 and it sets up like a virtual software not a proper install. Whether or not the KMSpico works on the 365 I'm not sure. I still use 2010 although I have installed 2013 on other peoples computers. Apparently, there have been some bugs with 365 which haven't been sorted out yet, according to the Microsoft website.
  7. eatmyshorts

    Office question

    Download a copy of KMSpico even though its a trial copy it should still turn it into a full working copy. You can do the same with Office 2010....
  8. eatmyshorts

    New movie section for older releases

    I might post a couple more today...I'll see how I feel
  9. eatmyshorts

    More Psychology Books

    Fair enough...I was doing a level 5 diploma in counselling and psychology
  10. eatmyshorts

    New movie section for older releases

    Well, I've made a post of older horror movies and no one seems to have been bothered.....
  11. eatmyshorts

    More Psychology Books

    Can't help you with those my psychology books focus on behavioural issues brought about my mental health issues and other similar stuff...
  12. eatmyshorts

    Dude Perfect iPhone App [COMPLETE]

    No probs neo....just hope it works for them
  13. eatmyshorts

    Dude Perfect iPhone App [COMPLETE]

    Apparently this one works........... http://m.italian.store.aptoide.com/app/market/com.dudeperfect.dudeperfect/5/353276/Dude+Perfect Or perhaps this one..dunno if any of them are android or iOS tbh http://www.9game.com/Dude-Perfect/ http://www.apk4fun.com/apk/27607/ http://appxv.com/apps/1722.html http://en.kioskea.net/download/download-24453-dude-perfect http://apple.vshare.com/424123969.html Your friend might need this for some of them.... http://www.hackcrackinjector.com/download/dude-perfect-hack-tool-download/ Or this one.. http://www.hackszone.net/dude-perfect-hack-tool-free-download-androidiosz/
  14. eatmyshorts

    Which Video Format Is The Best?

    Or just watch it from your pc..set up a NAS or don't moan lol
  15. eatmyshorts

    Which Video Format Is The Best?

    I'm not sure why peeps are saying its difficult to convert Mp4 to dvd, if you use convertxtodvd it makes relatively no difference whatsoever.