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  1. Tested BY Me Working 100% Secure Your Self http://www.spotflux.com/
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    H4ck3r 1ns1d3 | Signature | Gift

    thanks man great I Like That Symbol Of Albania
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    Official Signature & Avatar Request Thread

    Beatifull MasatoEm , Thaanks
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    IOS 7 In My IPhone 5 ?

    Thanks Any Body For the Answer I Upgrade My Iphone to ios 7 Look Nice
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    IOS 7 In My IPhone 5 ?

    I Have A Version IOS 6.1.4 In My Iphone 5 I know How To Upgrade To IOS 7 But I Read For IOS 7 That Reduce The Batteri battery will be discharged more faster than IOS 6.1.4 Expample: If with IOS 6.1.4 I will Navigate In Wifi Internet With My Iphone For 10 Hours With IOS 7 I Will Navigate For 7 Hours Its That real?? Thanks
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    Hacker Inside Is Here !

    Hello Everyone I Am Hacker Inside Interesing Hacking , Cracking & Design I Am From Albania I am 21 Years Old
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    Official Signature & Avatar Request Thread

    Thnx Another Signature Pls ...
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    Official Signature & Avatar Request Thread

    AnyBody Can MAke me a Signature The Idea Is Yours What Ever You What
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    Filehosts information

    banned filehost (HL) Affiliate Program ( Pay Per DownLoad ) No Deleted Files Files Stay ForEver
  10. Tools You Need Are OllyDbg And Of Course The Apps Alive MP4 Converter Ok Download OllyDbg From Here: http://www.ollydbg.de/odbg201h.zip And Alive Mp4 Converter From Here: www.alivemedia.net/files/AliveMP4Converter.exe Lets Start Ok First Open OllyDbg And Open The Program In OllyDBG File > Open And Find the Location Of Program When The Program Was Open Click The Button " Play " To Run The Program 1-Program Will Open 2-Click The Button Register Now Enter A Name And A Fake Serial ... Will Get A Message "Invalid Registration Code!" Remember This Message Will Need Now We Will Search The Message that Give Our Program "Invalid Registration Code" Right Click In OllyDBG > Search For > All Referenced String Now We Will Search For The String "Invalid Registration Code!" Now We Scroll Down And See The String USER32.MessageBoxA Set A BreakPoint There With Clicking in the string and type "F2" After Run Again Program And Regiter Again Now Olly Will Break And Look Right Of Your Computer Down In Olly Now Test Them : ENJOY THE TUTORIAL TUTORIAL FROM H4ck3r 1ns1d3 CyberPhoenix.Org
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    Dare Devil Tag Tutorial

    Thnx Bro...
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    Something i came up

    Looks Good
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    Another new sig...

    Really Nice Work ...
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    New Style Attempt

    Good Work Man
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    Angel Sig

    Good Work ...
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    Break Free

    Nice Work
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    Cool Car

    Really Cool
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    CyberPhoenix Logo | 2013 Effect |

    Great Work
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    CyberPhoenix | t-shirt |

    Great Work
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    Welcome back :)

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    Hacker Inside Is Here !

    Thnx EveryBody