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  1. lickmyshorts

    audio books [COMPLETED]

    thank you I will give it a try
  2. lickmyshorts

    audio books [COMPLETED]

    please tell me how do you remove the protection on todays audio books
  3. lickmyshorts

    audio books [COMPLETED]

    I guess nobody knows this thanks anyway
  4. lickmyshorts

    audio books [COMPLETED]

    does anybody have a way to copy the protection on audio books . Roxio keeps says "over"
  5. lickmyshorts

    Open The Safe Puzzle

    9861 a little tough
  6. lickmyshorts

    Welcome our new Staff Leaders

    congrats guys
  7. lickmyshorts

    Which Anti-Virus to use?

    I use avast on one puter . malware malbites on this one .
  8. lickmyshorts

    True or False Game

    false next person will fix their lawnmower
  9. lickmyshorts

    True or False Game

    false the next person doesn't like sex
  10. lickmyshorts

    Hello everybody

    make yourself at home . but please don't put your feet on the coffee table
  11. lickmyshorts

    The actual Keurig for beer is coming

    they were showing last night on the abc news they don't even have a prototype yet
  12. lickmyshorts

    The White House Plan to Defend Against Killer Asteroids Is Here

    trump would just tell us there is no such thing as a asteroid . and china made it up so a lot of people would believe him !!
  13. lickmyshorts

    The Washington Foreskins

    very good one
  14. how do you clear memory like warm start ???