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  1. Wolfcape

    Download sites

    I have found a site called http://leechall.com It has those terribly sites that require link skips but in the end, you get your file. Works well with Rapidgator and a few others.
  2. Wolfcape

    Which Video Format Is The Best?

    MKV takes my vote. Decent size (sometimes, if packed correctly) and constant quality.
  3. These are very interesting facts. I should totally give some of these to my friends to sound smart(er) XD
  4. Wolfcape

    Mac OSX Section in CP Uploads

    I believe its a good idea. Especially if someone is looking for something specific, he wouldn't have to sort through the posts.
  5. Wolfcape

    System requirements for games

    Thanks Smithy, I did put up COD Ghosts. I believe you have a point there, I will support this. Its no major issue to add a few more lines, esp. since there isn't a character limit I am aware of.
  6. Wolfcape

    New member must read before post

    Owh...I see. Well, my encounter with spammers might be those ^^ Thanks for info
  7. Wolfcape

    New member must read before post

    Erm I get spammers. Seen 'em before, but bots? I don't understand. I think those GoogleBots and all that are pretty harmless right?
  8. You're talking about giveawayoftheday.comright? Why not just put a sticky topic on it in the Links Heaven area?
  9. Wolfcape

    Only Premium links

    Lots of cracks and keygens have a tendency to show up on the antivirus as infected or viruses and stuff. These are usually false positives so its kinda safe to ignore them when they pop up. However its at your own risk, I cannot promise you they're all just false positives. There are idiots in the world.
  10. Wolfcape

    What about adding a clock applet to the Forum?

    I still would like to support this idea, a neat clock at the top just seems...neat. XD