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  1. Looking for e-book or Training info
  2. Going old school would like to get the install disks for a IBM A/S 400 hope you could find V5 R2 or just V5 would work Thank in advance
  3. tcobra

    Old School Fosi <RIP>

    That is true what I likes about her or him (depends on who you talk to} stuck to their guns did programz their way and just a few but top quality. UseNet lost a grate promoter too
  4. tcobra

    Old School Fosi <RIP>

    FOSI’s Site Wow A GREAT RUN COMES TO THE END Don’t know how many remembered this site or even used it but a lot have seen or used his programz the name will always be remembered with the old school below is the quote from his website If you do a search of the name there are people trying to use the traffic to help their web site hate to see it go but what a run Quote: The old era ends. A new era begins. PROGRAMZ 14 Dec 1997 - 14 may 2013
  5. tcobra

    House rules

    Love it lol
  6. tcobra

    Hi gang

    Thanks guy's rules have been ready and understood
  7. tcobra

    Hi gang

    Been around the file share sites for a while, love to try out new stuff and make new friends not as active as I once was but love to find that one hard to get program just to see what the hype is about. If you need help with a computer problem or a program hit me up if I can help I will. One of my best saying is if something is driving you nuts it better to have company on the way one is bound to figure it out and if not, you will have company on the way to the little padded cell!