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    Hello Everyone

    I have been a member here for a while I am a site owner and just wanted to say hello
  2. Quad139

    Rapidgator becoming useless for downloads!

    My member said he also did this https://customercenter.karthost.com/knowledgebase/70/Clearing-Your-IP-Cache-on-your-local-Computer.html
  3. Quad139

    Rapidgator becoming useless for downloads!

    A member at my site had the same problem and we found out that RS will put cache on some computers to slow down your DLing during peak hours they will do it also if you download a lot of files in a so many hour time we told that member at my site to clean all cache and all server cache and the problem went away I'm not saying this is your problem but why not give it a try and see if it help Quad
  4. Quad139


    Thank you works great