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      Rules of the CyberPhoenix Community : A Must Read   03/16/2018

      All Boards: 1.1 Cyberphoenix is a family forum open for all ages. Explicit, vulgar language, drug, religion, political talk, nudity, porn, hacking, money schemes, scams,advertisements and such others are not allowed. There will be a straight ban, no bargains. 1.2 No mini-modding. Use the report button but do not add your own criticisms.The forum language is strictly limited to English. This includes posts, titles, signatures, profiles and other forms of public display and also includes the main audio language of movies etc. 1.3 No advertisement of any website or forum in posts or signatures nor any live links to be posted. 1.4 All e-mail addresses, passwords and external links of any kind MUST be coded. 1.5 No bumping of threads. 1.6 No impersonating a staff member. 1.7 Respect one and all and No Flaming 1.8 Any member with multiple accounts will have all accounts permanently banned immediately, no bargains. 1.9 No Disrespecting CyberPhoenix Staff will be tolerated and can lead to a Permanent Banned.     Warning System: 2.1 Members breaking rules will be appropriately warned or banned. 2.2 Members with three warnings will be immediately banned.For serious offences or anti-forum activities and posts, members may be banned without warning. 2.3 Warnings may have an expiry date or may be permanent if more serious. 2.4 Do not argue about warnings or bans because they could escalate; pm senior staff if necessary.   Posting Rules: 3.1 a) All topics must contain a valid description. b) Topics must be posted in the relevant forums. Check before you post. c) All freeware posts must have the software homepage link in the post.   3.2 Topic titles must be appropriate. No adjectives such as new, latest, etc. or other such words are to be used in the title. 3.3 Absolutely no duplicate posts. Search before you post and update your links, by editing your post, if necessary. Add to the existing post on that topic. Non-compliance will get post deleted and member warned. No bargains and no clarification on this. 3.4 ALL externally hosted files MUST have a 'freely available' option without the need for Premium Accounts or Registering, completing surveys or assorted hoop-jumping. This also means ensuring file sizes are within the limits specified by any Hosting Site you upload to. Larger files requiring Premium or Registering access may only be shared providing a 'free' option has been given. Disabling the Add Blocker is considered Hoop-Jumping and isn't allowed. 3.5 . No Trading or selling allowed and promoting of Premium Accounts to enable faster/unlimited downloading is not allowed. Each site has advertising within it's own pages clearly showing benefits of Paid versus Free accounts. Please do not act as a salesperson or chase commission through referrals. 3.6 Posts should not contain explicit, offensive, shocking, nudity, and meaningless matter. All freeware posts must have the software homepage link in the post. 3.7 No megapost or multiple threads for a topic allowed. (Only Staff and VIPs with permission from admins can).No index page, every post is to be separate. 3.8 Do not excessively and unnecessarily 'pad out' your archives/files (rar,zip,etc..). For example, adding a 10MB .mp3 with a 50k .sis OR 3mb image file with a 3mb .apk just to earn an extra file host point is totally unacceptable. Maximum acceptable file size that can be added in rar/archive is 3mb. Staff reserve the right to edit any file & re-upload or simply remove/trash without notification. 3.9If the RaR file has a Password you must give the Password and/or the Post will be Deleted and further action can happen   Banned Filehost: 4.1 Filevelocity, Katfile, linkcrypt, ryushare and 4shared are not allowed on CP. Any post/thread not adhering to this policy will be deleted. Further file hosts may be added in future. Catshare, Hulkload, Nitroflare, picofile.com and egofiles, Uploadrocket and Uploadgig,com now added to banned list as well as Kingfiles.Fileshark.pl, Linkshrink.net, Multiup and worldbytez.com and Up-4ever 4.2 No Redirector, masked, protected or referral links otherwise your post may be edited or simply removed/trashed without notification. These sites include, but not limited to the following, subject to addition with immediate effect: up07.me 4shared.com 4shared.eu adf.ly adfoc.us anonym.to any.gs bit.ly bitly.com Catshare.net Downloadsafe.org dyo.gs egofiles file.cloudns.org filehost.s7s7.org filefox.cc filemates.com Fileshark.pl Filevelocity hootsuite.com katfile.com Kingfiles.net letitbit.net linkcrypt linkcrypt.ws linkcrypter.com linksbucks.com Linkshrink.net makeashorterlink.com masl.to Multiup.io Nitroflare paste2.org Peeplink.in picofile.com q.gs qqc.com ryushare.net ryushare.com s2l.biz Secureupload.eu sharecash.com sharecash.org Sharesix.com Short.go4down snipurl.com ow.ly tinylinks.co tinypaste.com tinyurl.com Up-4ever uploadbox.com Uploadgig uptobox.com Uploadrocket usercash.com verified-download.com worldbytez.com   Spam Rules: 5.1 No promoting any website. For the Link Heaven section sites that are within the rules are allowed. 5.2 No webhosting discussion, introduction or advertisement unless it is a CyberPhoenix sponsor. Passwords with other site names are not allowed. 5.3 Unrequired passwords but posted or Posts requiring passwords with missing passwords will turn the post spam. Spam will be deleted and the member banned 5.4 Wrong content in files with dubious names or containing security threats will lead to bans.   Private Messaging: 6.1 All above rules apply to private messaging. Poaching any member or staff member is strictly forbidden. 6.2 PMs from staff and admins must be replied within 48 hours or the member will be restricted from using the forums.   Avatars and Signatures: 7.1 All above rules apply to avatars and signatures. 7.1 The total maximum dimensions for all images in a signature is 500px (width) by 200px (height) horizontally only.   Explicit Guidelines: 8.1 Sticky Requests: No request for a post to be made sticky. No polls for topics usefulness or stickiness. 8.2 Normally no username or password changed except staff or VIP. 8.3 Don’t ask for promotions, send applications in the designated forum only. No advertising sites or email addresses in images or text.   ShoutBox Rules: 9.1 No Spamming, flaming or vulgar words or discussions about banned subjects. 9.2 Strictly No Requests in Shoutbox or your Privilege will be Revoked. There is a separate forum for requests. 9.3 No answering requests or posting large images in shoutbox. 9.4 ShoutBox is for General Chat - Political Statements will be kept to a minimum (If CP Staff thinks it too much he/she will stop it).   Regards CyberGod       These rules may be subject to amendments at any time so please keep referring back from time to time.   Legend: Basic rules fundamental. Usually about all sections. Usually about Download Links sections. Usually about requests and general sections. Advanced rules specification.


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