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  1. bohori

    audio dvd software

    Thank you guys but unfortunate my cd player in the car only plays cd and dvd audio ....try mp3 but will not play
  2. bohori

    audio dvd software

    How many can i burn as mp3?? this was why asked if there is dvd audio software to burn in dvd's because dvd hold up to 99 songs in wav or wma format...the only software for that is "dvd-audio solo" by cirlica but it is $70 to buy and i thought maybe someone knew another software... Love to burn mp3 that can hold over 200 songs my my player in car it plays cd and dvd audio
  3. bohori

    audio dvd software

    should i record as audio CD or as data CD?
  4. bohori

    audio dvd software

    i burned the cd including 200 songs and it play in the car but it only plays 25 songs then i looked at the cd and it only recorded 25 songs. I thought i would be able to record all 200 in mp3 format...can you help me did i do anything wrong?? i did change the format from media player to to wpl ...please let me know
  5. bohori

    audio dvd software

    Thank you so much i just try it it works!!!! later i will burn everything
  6. bohori

    audio dvd software

    no it doesn't work i try but they will not play...gives me format error and ejects the cd
  7. bohori

    audio dvd software

    no but i will try ...what is best program to burn mp3?
  8. bohori

    audio dvd software

    my player in the car plays cds or dvds, i don't have a mp3 player
  9. bohori

    audio dvd software

    thank you i am on windows bit i don't want to burn cd's i need to burn cds but on dvd and listen in the car is special software just for that anything else records but as data
  10. bohori

    audio dvd software

    Thank you but all serials i try did not work
  11. bohori

    audio dvd software

    Hi everyone i am looking for audio dvd software to be able to make audio dvds to listen in the car can someone help? One i used before as trial was made by Cirlinca HD-Audio Solo Ultra but after the trial time it will not let me install again. thank you
  12. bohori

    Write your name in Japanese

  13. wow unbelievable!!!!! this is nice!!!
  14. bohori

    Got My new car...

    very nice congratulations
  15. bohori

    what is ur name and your country

    name is john and country usa