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  1. No responses in all this time, and I still can't use Quark. Hmm.
  2. I recenlty upgraded my QuarkXpress 2015 to the latest version, v. Ever since doing so, when I open it, if I try to open a new project, Quark just crashes. It freezes, gives me the option of whether to send a report to Quark, and regardless of my choice, it closes/crashes. The message it gives simply says, "Quark Xpress has encountered as issue and needs to close." I have tried downloading and installing the update anew, no difference. I tried running the Repair program provided in the installer, no change. I tried editing the license, putting in the original license number again, no change. This application worked fine until I did this upgrade. I'm not sure which version I was at before I updated, possibly at the first version. I originally got the application, and how to activate, on this Website. I'm using Windows 8.1, with 4 GB RAM, 2.20 GHz Intel Pentium processor, 64-bit system. Can anyone tell me what to do to get this working again? If you can't open a new project, you can't do anything! Other menu items I select do seem to work. I don't see anywhere in the application that might say it is activated. But I did activate it. It does not indicate it is trial anywhere.
  3. EDIT 2: Alert. EX Gig download and the installer are both putting malware on the computer. I got an alert from Windows Defender when it downlaoded, and again right after I opened the installer - which started installing something even before I proceeded to install the application, which I then did not install. Next time I tried to use my Firefox browser, I could not get on the Internet, and it tried to get me to install yet something else. I did a full Restore to get rid of it. But beware of this software. So, I'm back to the original question: How can I clone my entire hard drive over to an external hard drive? I did see something a few days ago where there is a function built into the OS to do that - but I can't find it any mre. I am not talking of making a restore disk, that is merely the small restore volume, and I want eveyrting so I can clone back as wanted or needed to reinstall my OS. End Edit 2. OK, thank you joerooty. I'm getting that now. I will have to see if it will clone the statrtup drive itself. But I saw a way to do it a few days ago with the OS, something in the OS that provides for doing that, not just the recovery volume. How do I find that? That seems preferable. I can use this application you recommend if it will do the startup drive and if I can't find that stuff in the OS. I see I have to buy EZ Gig. So, I woudl still prefer to again find the pane in the OS that provides for cloning over the drive to an external drive. So ths Ez Gig might be a backup, but I would still prefer if someone could point me to where to find the pane in the OS to do it. Also, I see the website says: EZ Gig IV is only compatible with Apricorn's latest upgrade products, including DriveWire, EZ Upgrade, SATA Wire and Velocity Solo. So then does that reference to only their products mean it won't work with another external hard drive? AND, does it mean it will clone only to SATA?! Mine is a 320 GB external IDE drive! My internal is SATA. Thanks. EDIT 1: Gee, I just finished the download, and Windows Defender is immediately identifying Ex Gig as malware! I also found a forum where it says yes, you have to buy it for $25, and it also requires a SATA to USB cable! I just have a regular USB plug on one side of my cable, and the other side connects directly to the hard drive with a IDE connection. So, will this software for some reason clone ONLY to a SATA hard drive?!
  4. I want to clone my entire internal Windows hard drive to an external hard drive, and have it bootable and fully function on the external. I am not looking to mearly create a recovery drive, I want everything not simply the recovery partition. I have been getting things needed lined up to do this. A few days ago, I found via the Help menu how to do this - but for the life of me, I have just spent hours and can't find how to do that now. All I can find no matter what search terms I use is how to make a recovery drive. That simply a 16 GB volume, but I saw a few days ago that to do the entire hard drive on my machine, it woudl be 98 GB, and I now have an external hard drive to handle that, with a 110 GB volume to do it to. I plan to go up to Windows 10 at some point, and I want a full Windows 8.1 hard drive on the side, and want to be able to erase Windows 10 and clone back over from the external drive - so I have everything there. I otherwise have no install disk, so if I go up to Windows 10 and don't want it, I can't get back to 8.1 -- the problem of downloading OSs, or using only what the machine came with, instead of having a full install disk. In Mac, you have to actually clone if you want it bootable. I don't know if that is or is not necesary in Windows, maybe simply copying is all that is needed, or maybe I have to do it with a disk image, or??? (Mac has invisible files that are necessary to the boot that do not come over in a copy, you must do a clone to get them.) Anyway, how do I accomplish this on Windows 8.1? I have now gotten the hard drive all set up, parttioned, formatted, ready to go - and I can't go. Thanks for any help.
  5. ispea

    How Do I Create Windows Administrator?

    Thank you. However, that seems to miss the question. The questions are: *How do I confirm my user account is the administrator? And if it is not, how can I find the administrator account, as this is the only user account I find on this machine. *How do I make my user account the administrator? If I can't, then how do I make an administrator account, and without having to link it to a registered Microsoft account? *Is the issue that this user account is a local account, and it has no password set up? If so, what changes do I need to make, and how? The explanation given above seems to go to how to assign privileges to a particular application. That is not the issue here. The issue is the user account, not the application. Thanks. EDIT: OK, in looking into this more, perhaps you were on the mark, perhaps the issue was with the application. Although it can be explained and addressed far more simply than what is written above. In that case, the message given when I clicked on Edit License Code needed to be a lot more clear! The issue was not whether I was logged in as administrator. Instead, for some reason, I have to give administrator privileges to the application - which makes no sense to me. I found how to do so, and with that, I can now get into the window to Edit License Code! I went to the Quark application at C/Program Files/Quark/QuarkXpress 2015/QuarkXpress.exe. I right-clicked on it, and went to Properties. In Properties, I find in the Compatibility tab that there is a setting to "Run this program as an administrator." To change that setting, I have to click on Change Settings for all users. In there, I could click on "Run this program as an administrator." I clicked that check box, and then hit the Apply button. With that, and closing that window, I opened Quark, and yes, now I can get into the window for Edit License Code and do things there. That makes no sense to me since the application can't act as an administrator. I take it to be a backwards way of saying: "allow changes by an adminsitrator." If so, that is what it should say! So, I guess the application has to be given administrator priviledges. Odd.
  6. How can I give my user account administrator privileges? I'm using Windows OS 8.1. Mine is the only user account on this laptop, but it appears it does not have administrator privileges. How can that be? I keep getting blocked from doing things by messages saying I must have administrative privileges. I can't find any way to get those privileges. I have been to Settings/Change PC Settings/Accounts. I am the only account listed there. I see no way to add administrator privleges to it. I see where I can add an account, but I stopped that when the first step was to give an e-mail address - that has nothing to do with making an account for this machine! I was going to see if I could create an administrator account - but if I'm not the administrator, surely I would not be able to anyway. If I am the administrator - and I must be -- then why do I keep getting blocked? I note, mine is a local account. It also does not have a password set up for it - and I don't even see any place to add a password on it, although I would rather not have one -- I'm just using this at home, and it is much easier without a password. My most immediate issue involves QuarkXpress 2015. I have installed it. I want to add the serial in order to activate it permanently. But when I click on "Edit License Code" in order to do so, it simply gives me a message reading: "You must have administrative privileges to run the QuarkXpress installer. Setup will now exit." It is already installed - so I don't know whay the message is talking about runing the installer. It simply gives that message and will not open the window. So, how can I check if my user account has administrative privileges, and how can I give it such privileges? Thanks for any help.