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  1. Thanks for looking, i have just found a version of this now so can be closed. Thx again
  2. Requesting this invoice software please. //ezyinvoice.com/download/ Would ideally love the latest build : But any after would be great as i have the xxx.9 version now. Many thanks
  3. http://www.cinexhd2.com/dvdranger/ Would love a cracked copy of this please if anyone has it. many thanks
  4. GBU

    Super Mario Bros 2 DSi

    Im trying to download Super Mario Bros 2 for my sons DSi console but its been a long time since used it and all my old sites have long been closed down and i can only find it on 3DS. I cant remember if i can run a 3Ds game on a Ds/DSi via emulator or not or easier still if i can just find the game in right format .nds Can anyone help please?
  5. Requesting Business Strategies and Performance by John J Hampton if possible please http://stores.princetonbooks.com/business-strategies-and-performance/ Many thanks
  6. Theres a new build out is there anything newer around then then at all?
  7. Would love the Full DVD of this please http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0421033/ I have the avi episodes but want the DVD if possible anyone has it. Many thanks here
  8. Is there a way do dowload music directly to a non-jailbroken iphone without itunes for free at all?
  9. Hi and thx for the reply, that is the version i have and was after if possible.
  10. Im using a slightly older version of this which i got from elsewhere a while ago but the URL that was in the rar file was for this site so im hoping you was the opriginal crackers/uploaders although i did search but couldnt find it. Many thanks
  11. GBU

    Office question

    All seems good now so ill wait for 6 months and check again lol
  12. GBU

    Office question

    Hi thanks for the reply. Your right they are different, i ran the KMS but said wasnt full office version so couldnt work. i installed my Office 13 and used the KMSpico and all good Does KMSpico need to be run every 6 months at all? I tried my crack first KMSnano v25 but it didnt work although its the one i use on my PC are they differnt cracks?
  13. GBU

    Office question

    Ive just seen it is 365 trial installed is this the same as office 13 and will the KMSpico acitvate it?
  14. GBU

    Office question

    Oh thats great news if thats possible thank you The version i have is KMSpico v9.2.3 is that the right one and latest?
  15. GBU

    Office question

    I have a cracked version of Office 13 for my PC but i am going to get a laptop soon that has office trial installed. My question is can i use a crack(or whatever is needed) to enable it fully or would i need a complete new install then crack of it?