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  1. iizkoald7734

    Most useful sites Mine

  2. iizkoald7734

    Get Shorty S02E09 [Completed]

    Thank you sooo much!
  3. iizkoald7734

    Get Shorty S02E09 [Completed]

    Could somebody please post a listing for "Get Shorty S02E0"9 other than at Rapidsh***- I keep getting booted from them. Thanx
  4. iizkoald7734

    How I download files - maybe it helps you

    I didn't know this proggie was still out there- I used to use it all the time but then the newer versions got buggie for me. I use Internet Download Manager now which works pretty good, but its only as good as your ISP and mine is terrible (DSL with constant drop offs). Thanks for the heads up- maybe I'll give it another shot.
  5. iizkoald7734

    Rapidgator becoming useless for downloads!

    I thought it was only me- I don't have an account so I have to use the slow way around but as far as downloading anything if its more that a few megs I always get booted. I have no problem at all with other such sites.