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    collecting psp,png tubes, making tags, fishing, playing facebook games, watching movies, spending time with the wifey and family.
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    Need Help with laptop computer PLEASE

    I will buy some CDS today and try. Thank you.
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    Hello everyone

    Hi my name is Kevin. I am married to my high school sweetheart Amanda. We been married going on 25 years. No kids. We have 2 male Boston terriers, and 12 outdoor cats we feed. Started out with 1 female stray cat that we started feeding before long she had babies and they had babies and so on. Now 4 more of them is going to be having babies.Don't know what we are going to do. Its hard to feed them all now. Moving on. I work for the city of Tyler street dept going on 10 years. I am a christian but not easily offended. For fun I like to play bingo, and play slot machines at the bingo hall in Tyler. We spend a lot of time out doors at the lake, and parks. I love rap music, R&B, country, and christian music. And thats pretty much my life story. I am glad to have found this site. And look forward to meeting new friends. And finding cool stuff. God bless. Sincerely, Kevin
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    lost password

    Thank you downloading this one now.
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    lost password

    These links are all dead
  5. Hi i just joined and not sure where to ask this or even if I can ask this on here. If not I am so sorry. I bought a laptop computer from the pawnshop. Its a Asus High Sonic Master, It has small tags that say HDMi, intel inside, Asus X551M. when I got it home it was running slow and had a bunch of junk on it so I did restore to a earlier time when it ran good and after it successful did when the computer restarted now have to put a password in. I have tried everything I can think of. On the login page where you have to put the password in I clicked the power button and then clicked shift button and restart at the same time and the system restore and other stuff comes up and it starts to do it then it stops and wants me to put a password in to continue. I don't have a windows 8.1 disk under one section it ask for it. I have downloaded iSunshare windows password, Windows password key both the trial version and neither one will work. Need the full versions of them to burn to USB drive. Can anyone help? I also tried pressing F2 when the computer restarts and it comes up but I don't see anything that will help. Thanks if anyone can help. Sorry if I put this in wrong place or if this type of problem is not allowed. God bless.