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    Help uploading with a MAC

    Hello, I'm a mac user and would like to share with you all my media collection but can anyone help me through the process using a Mac. I do want to get this right as I respect and would like to suport the site the best I can, so can you please give instuctions for mac users. Thanks to all for your great work. Antoniog
  2. antoniog


    The site looks realy good hope to get to know you all soon. My main interests are Music and if anyone is looking for Rock, Blues and Jazz if I have it I will be more than willing to share though you will have to allow me a little time to get my act together with uploads as I have not done so yet. I will check out the instructions on the site most of my files are mp3 320 with very few FLAC files. Also big fan of most amc shows All the Best