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    Building computers, not much else work too much.
  1. I was having flashbacks of the early 90's when you were talking about old technology. I remember having a cd rom drive for the first time and upgrading the modem in that computer to 14400baud. I thought I was flying around the net. Most of us that were on the net back then used Lycos and webcrawler. It was pre Google and the search engines seemed to find whatever we looked for at the time. I still have the 9600 baud modem I took out of that pc and my IBM ps1 in my garage. It seems that much of the knowledge on how to find hidden information on the net has been lost or not shared with as many people as back then. I think it comes back to people thinking knowledge is power. The truth is that knowledge is power but only if you have people to share it with and improve on the ability to acquire that knowledge and use it for something productive and not destructive. I used to write bots for games back in the day like Diablo and Diablo II but have not done anything like that in years as it became a burden and was abused by so many. In moderation it is not bad but when it is a huge part of a gaming community it destroys games. This ruins any fun for those that do not wish to participate in the botting community. I got tired of all these teens saying I am a hacker and tired of watching people do malicious things online so I stopped participating in something I did for fun and not personal gain. The "deep web" as some call it is full of people that are there because they are tired of people exploiting what they do for their own personal gains. There are also people on the other side of the coin but they also do not exploit and mass distribute in the open. There is so much more information there but you have to be careful where you go and what you do. edited for bad typo
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    I happened on this site from a customer I did a service call for Directv. I looked around a bit and I think I will like visiting this site often. I have been out of this type of sites for awhile since I did not want to get caught downloading huge files. I look forward into getting back into the game and hope to contribute when I can. Thanks you to the person that gave me the site name.