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  1. NiteRaven13

    Summitsoft Creative Fonts 1000 Colors v1.0.0

    when i try to install and it asks for first last emal n where purchased n i fill it out it tells me failed api key wrong can you help?
  2. NiteRaven13

    Puzzle: River Crossing

    Wow I feel like an idiot I never would have figured out the answer
  3. i was right i got it wrong i missed that there were 2 fries per section so each was 1 not 2 oh well cant win em all no genius here lol
  4. i got the answer too fast it cant be right 70
  5. damn I got it right lol that's not my usual luck lol
  6. I dont think this is right but im going to post before looking because its just crazy enough to possibly be right. I say you need 2 cakes
  7. NiteRaven13

    Fill In The Blanks Puzzle

    hey i missed only one its tough to keep ones mind out of the gutter lol
  8. NiteRaven13

    Fill In The Blanks Puzzle

    keeping clean g rated i come up with folk ? only got R rated six pants books random
  9. NiteRaven13

    Find the cat that looks different.

    3 row 5 one across
  10. I missed only the 1st one I am rather impressed with myself lol
  11. I am taking a risk of making a fool of myself by posting my answers before looking.. I swear I didnt cheat 1. $.10 2. 5 min 3 47 days now to see how off I was
  12. NiteRaven13

    World’s Fastest Quiz

    i thought i was hot shit nut.. i was immediately corrected i got 1 right.. 1! I guess I should be thankful for that lol