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  1. If your using firefox 57 or higher you need to use violentmonkey or tampermonkey, greasemonkey 4.0 or higher will no longer run the script. If your using firefox 56 or lower it will run on greasemonkey 3.17, make sure that it is set not to update or it will update to the newer version and stop working. The first time you use the script a window may pop up asking for permission, click the always allow all domains button to allow the script to work.
  2. Check out this post - Report Dead Links - Instructions with LinkChecker

    I had a member that want to know how to identify dead links easily

    Of course you have the Best Script, So I made the post

    Check it out and Please let me know what you think :)

    1. w.a.r.


      I added a couple things that they need to know.

    2. Tech 425

      Tech 425

      Thank You Sir :)

  3. Type that Keyboard Harder :gf: :P

  4. w.a.r.


    Hi, Like a lot of people i have been looking for a good source for movies & tv shows since tehparadox died, Tech 425 told me about this site and you seem to have just about everything , glad to be here.