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  1. vbins

    5 Riddles

    Got 1 and 3 correct Loved all the riddles, worth sharing
  2. vbins

    Hello Everyone

    Hello Everyone, I am new to this site so please bear with me if any goof ups. Ps. Your smileys / Emoticons are just too cute!!
  3. vbins

    Hello Everyone

    You know just wanted ,to say this again, I am totally crazy about all your super cute emoticons, just totally in love with them. Never seen sooo many cutie emoticons all in one place Cheers to all the Supers who run this website, vbins
  4. Hello To All The Admin, I did not know where to go to let you know, and I could not stay without not letting you know. That your emoticons are soooo cute!! I really love them. Seen so many sites but your emoticons beats all of them!! Keep creating these super cute, super amazing emoticons! each one is more cuter than the other!! Regards, vbins
  5. vbins

    True or False Game

    True . Next person tells a lot of lies.
  6. vbins

    I want to have SEX with you

    good one
  7. Thanks a lot. This really helped,actually understood it very well !