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  1. Thanks for this. Still works in Win 10
  2. jazzbox

    Question about reports

    Thanks for doing that. I already have it, just thought it was a good idea to try to get everybody helping (not just newbies)
  3. jazzbox

    MP3 Site Awesome

    Thanks shammy and spookn, both useful and both still working
  4. jazzbox

    JazZYLove Radio

    Thanks for that, E-bel. Do you have any sources for a bop, hardbop slant?
  5. jazzbox

    Question about reports

    Why not post a tutorial for installing a linkchecker . It would be an incentive for members to report just when glancing at a post, not just when they try to download. Maybe make your job easier...
  6. Ebook any format, thanks in advance https://www.ebooks.com/95946417/incentives-to-pander/jensen-nathan-m-malesky-edmund/
  7. jazzbox

    Question about reports

    Thanks, Raed I've noticed on another forum (sg) they encourage all members to use a link-checker, which I thought to be an excellent idea. I've modded on another forum, it seems that would really help, especially on older threads. Is there some reason it's not encouraged everywhere? (I would put this in the suggestion thread, but I don't have enough posts here yet to start a thread)
  8. jazzbox

    Post your internet connection speed

    And this ain't even cheap
  9. jazzbox


    Welcome, Bobby
  10. jazzbox

    Question about reports

    I think he's asking if it's sufficient just to hit the report button to get action, without also adding an explanation. And the answer is yes?
  11. jazzbox

    Change the Ebooks

    Do you mean from auto-posters? 'Cause it doesn't seem like a difficult technical distinction.