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  1. Crikey! I was typing this when you replied just now! Thank you Tech425 for your reply. I look forward to your answer. I only very recently discovered this problem, and it's only with cyberphoenix, because previously I was using Waterfox, where there is also this problem with cyberphoenix, which motivated me to try out Firefox. That and Waterfox's massive memory leak. 'Recently discovered' means since I discovered this forum and decided to join. glasshopper
  2. I am having an interface problem in cyberphoenix where the drop-down submenu function does not work for some menus. Specifically, the Name (in my case, glasshopper), Create, Notifications and Messages, buttons - the four buttons you see at the top-right of every page in the cyberphoenix site. This same problem occurs in one or two places elsewhere in the site. Left-clicking on each of those four top-right buttons should produce a drop-down menu with submenu choices. Oddly, of the five buttons to the left - i.e. Browse, Activity, Leaderboard, Chatbox and Donations - Browse and Activity work as expected showing sub-menus on mouseover. I have scoured the internet looking for answers, and I find that this problem appears to have started up randomly beginning at version 48+ . None of the solutions found have made any difference for me. including those involved with disabling certain 'touch' connected hidden preferences in Firefox about:config, and system level prefernces again to do with touch-screen devices I have tried restarting with a completely fresh re-install of Firefox, with no addons installed or enabled and so all cookies wiped and history wiped and an empty cache. Nothing has worked. I should add that this problem only occurs in Firefox. In Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome and Opera there is no problem Has anyone else encountered this annoying tick and, if so, how did you overcome it? I am open to all pertinent suggestions and I have some acquired level of expertise myself _ I have probably been using computers longer than most of you have been born. I have just discovered another dimension to this problem - clicking on the emoji buttons - one right here in the text enter area in the formatting toolbar, and also the emoji button in the Chatbox - don't work. Clicking on them produces nothing. I am using Firefox v72.0.2 64bit in Windows 10 Pro 64 bit v1903 both completely up-to-date, on a desktop (with no touch compliant devices installed). Adobe Flash is up-to-date. My input devices are a Logitech wired keyboard and a Logitech wireless mouse. Multi monitor (four of them) setup - two using HGMI output from the Nvidia display adapter and two using USB to HGMI display adapters. Can't think what more info might be needed. Help, please Glasshopper