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    Hi, my name is...

    Well, I guess I'll skip my actual name but TheSa|nt works well enough. I come from NX 20 years (just chattered on and off through the years and enjoyed the community). Now, looking to belong to another one since that one vanished sadly. Looks like this one isn't quite active either, but at least its online . Looks like a fun bunch. Maybe I'll have a home in the corner somewhere here.
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    Post Videos and .Gifs Here

    For the kids
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    NXmembers formerly NXsecure

    I actually registered just to be a part of this convo (despite it being an old one that I am now resurrecting). I miss NX as there were some great individuals there. I wish I still had contact with them all. Regardless, I had the itch to find a new forum community that was like-minded in nature in ways but plans to stick around which led me to find this convo and site. Right on! As for the demise of the site, I don't think it was shut down by anything or anyone other than the admin as he stated multiple times that it was costing too much to keep it going with as little interaction as it was getting to the end (and kept pondering the idea of shutting it down). It was a great archive of past conversations and personalities while it lasted. I totally get it though. There are some projects I myself need to let go of but keep them around for sentimental value.