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  1. dirtylow

    Bypass ATA Password

    Okay thanks & testing will post back with results.
  2. dirtylow

    Bypass ATA Password

    Yup I tried that last week. [Hirens15.2] Maybe I just didn't find the right solution yet.
  3. dirtylow

    Bypass ATA Password

    I will have to look into this & I think you might be on to something. Thanks,
  4. dirtylow

    Bypass ATA Password

    PS. If this topic is not for discussion or in the wrong area please move it or delete which ever is appropriate.
  5. dirtylow

    Bypass ATA Password

    Hey everybody, A friend of mine asked me to look @ his kidz laptops. He told me that windows would let them logon. Yeah, well when I booted them they halt. Asking for a password. Says that the HDDs are password protected. I asked my friend & he said that the kids didn't set this. I told him that if they didn't then the drive would be failing. But for it to happening on both laptops is odd & less likly the drives on both fail at the same time. So I told thim they must have set it. The kids swear that they didnt. So here I am just about ready to format the drives & do a fresh install. But I dont want to do all of that work I would rather obtain the passwords. I now that it can be circumvented just don't know how. Any help on this would be appreciated. dirty, ;p
  6. dirtylow

    Want Suggestion on buying ssd.

    Soild Stae is great no matter what U buy it will B super fast. Ok. I think that U need 2 compare the read write speeds & how long they say it will last. That is what is going to make U happy in the long run. You want what is going 2 give U the most MB/s. I think 555 read & 520 write is par for a fast SSD drive, but who knows maybe there is faster on the market right now that I don't know about. As far as the 1z U mention I was a big WD guy for a long time. But have had huge disappointments with 8 or 9 2TB HDD. I have been replacing them with Seagates. I like them because they run cooler than my WD drives, & so far they have lasted the test of time. So I say: Seagate I am in the market 4 a SSD drive myself & am looking @ either OCZ or PNY. PNY from what I compared reads & writes fast. OCZ last twice as long.[2 million HRS] Good-luck
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    Greetings from Ontario Canada

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