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  1. Well the way I see it and hopefully no one gets upset but some yoga pants are basically see through and shouldn't be worn. If you can see through them then just don't wear anything. I'm much older then many here but my take is I should be the one who sees it privately not on the street.
  2. Why bother wearing anything you can see pretty much everything she is wearing under that dress. Oh that's right only a pair of panties so take them off and give us a real show.
  3. jimmydee

    Post your internet connection speed

    Well that's what you get with 100mbps from ATT.
  4. jimmydee

    Post your internet connection speed

    Heres mine/
  5. It is a cowboy hat and face. Really had to watch it for about two minutes then I saw it.
  6. Well this only proves that some people are not afraid of dying and at some point if they live then they will realize that you should be afraid of dying.
  7. I'm sorry but this is stupid. Since the State of Indiana says he could and he did I assume why is it being brought up now. Hillary is a private citizen and needs to go away.
  8. Are people that stupid that they would give there credit card information because there asked for it?
  9. jimmydee

    Post your internet connection speed

    Heres mine PING 22 ms DOWNLOAD 50.03 Mbps UPLOAD 5.65 Mbps
  10. jimmydee

    Daredevil (Completed)

    I know it is on netflix for sure. Don't know where else at this time since there have already been two seasons which I wacthed it awhile back waiting for season 3 right now.Hope this helps.
  11. jimmydee

    why is puter slow?

    Yes I would say it would be good for movies and E-Mail, and would probably be ok for internet use if you have a fast connection.
  12. jimmydee

    why is puter slow?

    It is a low end computer so you can't expect much also there is another meaning for bottleneck which is low end components used on mother boards. Dell and others have used poor quality components which barely meet specs. to save money and these components slow done various things running on the computer which causes program to take longer to execute. So you get what you pay for.
  13. This guy is really becoming a pain in the US's butt. If everyone involved that rights this junk would just stop we could get on with the real issues in the world like terrorists trying to kill all Christians in the name of allah.