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  1. daviewonder156


    welcome to the forum
  2. daviewonder156

    a question here

    i'm currently working on a small signature of my own you know been advnturiosu and larning as i go along and i found a image that i want to use but wierldy its in this .pmg format that ive never used before does anyone know how to open the file if its even a picture file at all?
  3. daviewonder156

    hello all

    Welcome to cyberpheonix
  4. daviewonder156


    Welcome to cyberpheonix
  5. daviewonder156

    hello team

    welcome to CP
  6. daviewonder156

    90+ Useful Developer Tools and Utilities for Windows User

    very nice find, thanks for that
  7. daviewonder156

    Hello CP Community!

    welcome to CP enjoy you stay!!!!
  8. daviewonder156

    Dating in 1958:

    ollolololoolooll sucg genius :P : :P
  9. daviewonder156

    Windows XP diehards aren’t going quietly

    with this story there are 2 sides to it, on the first said i can't blame them for been the way they are, i'm a XP fan myself and i think personally it is one of the better OS that microsoft have done, compared to what they did with ME and vista XP just was better all round and i think to this day better than 7 and 8.1 but people shudn't be too disappointed if they have 7 or 8.1 as they both pretty good OS by the compnay at the end of the day its just down to preference and they can stick with XP but they just need to be aware that they would either need to source the updates from a developer or if they know what they are doing then do some updates themselfs on the other and i can understand why they have done this, give credit to XP where its due it has been updates by the company for the last 11 years and in tech years that been near a milenia for any software, so for it to last this long it done pretty well for itself, microsft feel that it is time for them to invest into the future and to focus more towards support their future generation of OS as well as still continue support for both windows 7 and windows 8 OS platforms as well as continuing in their development of xbox one, their cloud based technolagy and their office based software for users and business.
  10. daviewonder156

    Rate the signature above you....

    i like tecg sigg 9.4 just for the fact its tech
  11. daviewonder156

    car troubles

    lol just sheded a tear
  12. daviewonder156

    Why The Linux Desktop Doesn't Matter Anymore

    as much as i like using Linux and how open sourced it is to use, but compared to windows the it far more advanced to use, if they make it more UI like windows is, then people woudn't be so afraid to use it
  13. daviewonder156

    Consider the following

    lol this just made me smile
  14. daviewonder156

    Hello all

    a warm welcome to CP
  15. daviewonder156

    i'm back and ready to go

    thanks guys i know the drill grumpy been ex staff and everything,