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  1. no prob, just a suggestion..
  2. just convient to have a select all link, just a suggestion..
  3. PaulC

    New Comic Section (Declined)

    i was meaning to have a books - mags - comics sctions all seperate
  4. Select all links on downloads section on page. when you goto a page i.e. win7 manager 4.4.5 there are many download links in one section on page. maybe a select all button that highlights all download links so can copy to a given download manager..
  5. PaulC

    New Comic Section (Declined)

    new comic section, there seems to be enough to keep it going, and would save time and patience trapsing through book and mags..
  6. PaulC


  7. {Req} Looking for electronic design website template. I want to design a website about electronic circuit design company. so i's lookin for template i.e. for Dreamweaver.