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  1. longbid

    Want to upgrade from Win 7 Enterpise to 10 Pro

    Great advice and help from all. Much appreciated. I have made a Macrium Reflect image and will begin when time permits. Again thanks for your help and concern Longbid
  2. longbid

    Want to upgrade from Win 7 Enterpise to 10 Pro

    Thank you, I have found thast tool earlier.Just wanted an experts opinion. The article link does not work but you can search for the downgrader manually I think you have helped substantaionally. longbid
  3. longbid

    Want to upgrade from Win 7 Enterpise to 10 Pro

    Raedwolf , So you think if I change to Professional and do repair install then do Win 7 security updates I would be better off? Do you know of anyone who changed from Enterprise to Pro and did this successfully? Again thank you for your time and concern. Longbid
  4. longbid

    Want to upgrade from Win 7 Enterpise to 10 Pro

    Raedwolf, Windows 7 is not receiving updates for security and is EOL in January 2020.I was able to update manually security updates only until March 2019,April will not install. I read online about changing the registry to Professional and then using a Professional license to change the system and recover missing or corrupt files. I appreciate your time and concern.Just do not want to be left out in the security issues. Cordially, Longbid
  5. Hello, I have a college win 7 64bit enterprise edition with tons of software, I have a valid Win 10 Pro license. I would like to know what routes can be taken without losing any of my programs that are compatible If I change my version of Enterprise to Pro and then upgrade to Win 10 is this possible? If so what steps are neede? I also have a valid Win 7 Pro license I see all over the internet LSC versions that do not offer an upgrade path.Only complete install for Enterprise Thanks for any assistance. Longbid
  6. longbid

    Print Artist Platinum 25 [Completed]

    Try here. http://uploaded.net/file/9996apva/NDPAP25%20Platinum.part1.rar http://uploaded.net/file/ivph4dfs/NDPAP25%20Platinum.part2.rar