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  1. PCGuru

    Standards group wants one charger for all laptops

    How about standardized batteries? One for phones, one for tablets, one for laptops. Voltages can vary while still occupying the same dimensions. Better yet, make all chargers and batteries use inductance to make cables obsolete, then we won't have to worry about compatible chargers! Why does "wireless" remain relegated to network connections?
  2. PCGuru

    Corrupt a Wish Foundation

    You did, don't you remember? You woke up with somebody else though.... I wish I could solve all of the world's problems.
  3. PCGuru

    Filesonic is dead now

    You got me beat by 5 years! I fondly recall going from 2400 baud to 14,400 kbps. That was so blistering fast I had to keep a fire extinguisher nearby my external modem. <sigh>.