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    Uncensored Anonymous Search

    Hello Did you know that when you browse the web the search term you just typed is being passed on to the websites that you have visited. Lately people are becoming more aware of this relationship between major search engines, internet service providers and the NSA since the Lamestream media has began to cover the information release from Edward Snowden. Thankfully Gibiru has known about this relationship for years and has been providing a free Uncensored Anonymous Search Engine since 2009. The truth is, these mainstream search engines and websites you visit are storing these terms along with your IP address and setting cookies onto your computer that enable them to track you everywhere you go to show more targeted advertisements to you as well as offering access to this big data to Government contractors and agencies. Why should you care? http://gibiru.com/ enjoy-...
  2. All IPSW Downloads https://ipsw.me/all CP Moderator Message: Mr Grumpy - Coded links
  3. Hello the win is the windows of all u have in hand of other i like linux for one thing root & another user not have all permission GoodD'ay
  4. iskey

    Corrupted RAR files?

  5. iskey

    i m new

    welcome search in forum and post the regulare topic good luck
  6. Hello All tenoshare reiboot with key fellow this video on youtube https://www.tenorshare.com/fr/products/reiboot.html http://www.mediafire.com/file/s43cscu082hfin8/Tenorshare+ReiBoot+Pro.rar enjoy
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    giveaway vpn

    hello https://www.giveawayoftheday.com/whoami-vpn-win-mac/ enjoy
  8. Hello for free all combination firmware samsung only for pro https://www.hardreset.info/articles/samsung-combination-firmware/
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    free RDP for 30 days

    hello cp staff https://www.apponfly.com/en/ enjoy
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    Staff inativity list

    i'm here
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    Relax and cool smouth JazZ

    hello http://www.airplayradios.com/radio-jazzy-love/
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    try this for privet tracker

    Hello http://www.btracs.com/
  13. Dear Friends We have every Samsung firmware ever released.That includes network specific firmware. So it doesn’t matter if you need network customised or Samsung (sim-free) generic firmware. Also, we're always the first with the latest official Samsung firmware. Please login in to your SamMobile account before downloading. http://www.sammobile.com/firmwares/
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    JazZYLove Radio

    Hello http://www.airplayradios.com/radio-jazzy-love/
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    Hello SpyDllRemover is the specialized tool for detecting Spyware & Hidden Rootkit Dlls in the System. In addition to Spyware Dlls, it can also detect user-land Rootkit processes using multiple Anti-Rootkit techniques. It uses Heuristic analysis and 'Online Threat Verification' for deeper analysis of unknown Malware Threats. One of the unique feature of SpyDllRemover is 'Advanced Dll Ejection' which helps in completely removing Spyware/Rootkit Dlls from any running Process. It works very well with any Remote process across the session boundaries imposed in Vista/Windows7. All these unique features makes it one of the generic tool for removing known as well as Unknown Threats compared to traditional Antivirus Softwares which can detect only known threats. SpyDllRemover is fully Portable software and works on wide range of platforms starting from Windows XP to Windows 8. link http://securityxploded.com/spydllremover.php For more tools http://securityxploded.com/anti-spyware-tools.php
  16. Hello Bittorrent TRackers Automatic Checking System - A.K.A BTRACS BTRACS is an automatic information site which periodicaly checks closed community Bittorrent trackers for being open for signup. Some closed community Bittorrent trackers' signups are closed and are "invite only" (meaning, if you have a user, you can invite your friend to join or a friend can invite you). The main page refreshes every 10 minutes and shows a list of Bittorrent private trackers open for signup. Bittorrent trackers that opened registration in the last 10 minutes are marked with . This file was created on: 12/22/2014 12:52:23 PM GMT! BTRACS Forums registration IS OPEN, This is your chance to join! http://www.btracs.com/ EnJoy
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    Windows shutting down.

    if u need a bootable rescue disk try one of this : https://livecdlist.com/
  18. when i leave tixati i'll try this one
  19. iskey


    Welcome Sir take care about some rule
  20. iskey

    Windows shutting down.

    try Linux ... and reply
  21. IPTv more than can allowed

  22. iskey


    Thanks Tech 425
  23. Hello Identify my ios device https://ipsw.me/device-finder Follow the Instruction G'Day
  24. JazzyLove Radio APK