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  1. Mark Phelps


    As an interesting alternative ... I recently switched over from Cox Media, where I was limited to 300Mb/s to Verizon, where I'm now getting Gigabit service. OF sorts ... While Speedtest maxes out around 500Mb/s, I can drive downloads up to 950+ Mb/s -- which is real close to my theoretical limit. The limiting hardware factor for me is that I am connected via Coax, since they didn't run an ethernet cable between their router and my router in my home office, and while that is supposed to cap out around 400 Mb/s, they are using a couple of Coax-to-Ethernet adapter boxes which, they claimed, will allow me to get Gigabit throughput. The speedtest results claim this is NOT the case, but as I have doubled up on downloads, I can achieve nearly 1000Mb/s throughput. So, I guess the technology is working. Big disappointment is that downloading with the filesharing services, most commonly Rapidgator, does not come anywhere near the Gigabit level.
  2. Mark Phelps

    Site Upgraded to the latest infrastructure

    Sorry, not a fan of change ... as it takes me a while to get used to something new. But, the new look is interesting and the board seems to load faster, now. Just ... will take some time to find where everything is, now.
  3. Mark Phelps

    missing or corrupted file

    If this is an ORIGINAL XP system (i.e., it came with XP preinstalled), that means it is at least 10 years old, and if it still has the original hard drive in it, most likely, this is filesystem corrupted from a failing drive -- and if that is the case,there will be very little you can do about it, as no one markets XP anymore. When it was up and running, you could go to Warez-BB.org, the Apps section, and search for XP ISO file images. IF you found one, then presuming you had access to a working PC, you could then have download one of those (using a working PC), create install media from the download (using a CD), and then boot your PC from that and do a fresh install of XP. But ... Warez-BB has been down for a week now, and there is no telling when they will be back up ... and although we sometimes have Windows images here, we don't have anything that old.
  4. Mark Phelps

    Turbobit - troubled bit?

    While I agree that RG is "horrible" (as I typically have to try 10 times to get even one download to complete), all too often, it is the ONLY filehost that posters use. So, I would object to banning it -- despite its problems. Personally, I've found Uploaded to be the best (even though it's rarely used) and FileFactory to be fairly good-- although with this, results are inconsistent.
  5. Mark Phelps

    need Windows 7 64 bit (Completed)

    NOTE to Downloaders: This does NOT, repeat NOT, make ANY copies of Windows "genuine"; instead, what it does is install software that allows you to continue to use Windows "as if" it were genuine. It will work, but it only lasts for 6 month intervals and has to be renewed every six months to continue working.
  6. Mark Phelps

    Windows 8.1

    We're not mindreaders here!! If you won't provide answers to questions, we can't help you ...
  7. Mark Phelps

    Windows 8.1

    This is NOT a tech support section, but instead, is used for posting application software. For technical help, please use the HelpDesk section.
  8. Mark Phelps

    Which Anti-Virus to use?

    I have found MalwareBytes Anti-Maleware (MBAM) to do the best job for me. I have used others, including Eset and Norton and MBAM did a better job than both of those at finding stuff and preventing it.
  9. Mark Phelps

    Rapidgator becoming useless for downloads!

    Did that -- did not make any difference.
  10. Mark Phelps

    Rapidgator becoming useless for downloads!

    Unfortunately, it did not help. I installed JDownloader 2, copied the RG link into it, tried the download. It was real slow and, after less than a minute, the connection terminated. This is the same result of trying to download it manually. So basically, that did not work.
  11. Mark Phelps

    Rapidgator becoming useless for downloads!

    Well, I DO download lots of files --because they keep failing on me, so it can take 40+ download attempts before I get a complete file. Other than the Browser cache, where are these other cache's located?
  12. Mark Phelps

    Rapidgator becoming useless for downloads!

    OK, I'll have to take a look at JDownloader 2 -- as that seems to be the common way of addressing this.
  13. Mark Phelps

    Rapidgator becoming useless for downloads!

    I do have a premium account, so it's not strictly a problem with file sizes. Any file that I attempt to download, regardless of the size, runs into this same problem. Also, I use other filesharing services and RG is the only one with this problem -- but unfortunately, it also seems to be the only one that still has downloads available after the other sites files have been removed.
  14. Mark Phelps

    Rapidgator becoming useless for downloads!

    But isn't Jdownloader just a download manager, and since I can see the RG downloads stopping and then aborting in real time (less than a minute), I don't understand how that will help. Also, how does a different File Host play into solving the RG downloading problem?