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    What's the best android to windows backup software?

    You might look into MOBILedit Forensic as I recently saw that version came out a few days ago. I did use an older version a couple of years back and it worked OK for me.
  2. Mark Phelps

    What's the best android to windows backup software?

    Sorry I'm late to the party -- but I was randomly scrolling and saw this unanswered thread. I do two forms of backup from my Samsung phone to my Win10 desktop -- actually, three forms! 1) Backup internal personal files for safe keeping -- pictures, contacts, movies, music, videos. Use an Android app WiFile File Transfer Pro. Allows me to access the phone by connecting it to my local network over my internal router and the WiFi on the phone. Enter an HTML address it provides into File Manager and up comes a window with the phone's file system on it. Can copy files an folders FROM the phone or TO the phone. This prevents my phone's storage from filling up by moving personal stuff I want to keep to the large external drives attached to the desktop PC. 2) Backup music and videos from the SD card. I have the phone setup to use the SD card for ALL video stuff. That way, if the phone dies, I still have the video stuff on the card. I remove the SD card from the phone, plug it into the PC using an adapter card, copy the contents to a folders on a backup drive. I do this on a monthly basis to prune and update my music and video selections on the phone. That way the stuff I'm currently interested in is on the phone, the older stuff on the backup drives. 3) Create a complete backup of the phone onto a backup drive on the desktop. Have used MOBILedit! Forensic Express, latest version was v5.3.0.12966 in mid 2018. I did this then because I was looking seriously into ROOTING the phone, as there was a LOT of tech advice available on various cell phone forums and some very interesting alternate phone OSs out there. But I decided against that because I have no money any more to replace my 5 year old phone and will simply live with what I have now. Since I'm not about to trash my phone by ROOTING it, I've come to realize that I don't need an image backup of it -- thus I have not used this since and have not looked for more recent versions. I think I read that Samsung Smart Switch will also allow you do to a full backup of your phone to the PC but since my other methods work for me, I have not tried it. Hope this helps in some way.
  3. Mark Phelps

    windows 7 service pack

    Actually, you should AVOID Win10 v20.04 at this time -- as MS has been having SERIOUS problems with it and still have a bunch of issues they have not addressed and have provided no date to expect fixes. You would probably do better going after Win10 v19.09 -- as that is stable and not encountering issues. Plus, the newer the Win10 version, the less likely it will work on older Win7 PCs. IF you post in this forum when you're ready to do that download, someone can tell you where to find an ISO file -- but understand, you must upgrade from INSIDE win7 for the upgrade to be free -- as the upgrade tool has to see Win7 already installed and running on the PC.
  4. Mark Phelps

    windows 7 service pack

    Understand ,,, just be sure to use third-party AV product of some kind; otherwise, you are seriously risking getting the PC infected once it gets out onto the Internet. Experiments with this in the past has shown that takes only a few MINUTES to happen!
  5. Mark Phelps

    windows 7 service pack

    Tech is right -- there are literally HUNDREDS of updates for Win7 -- and while there are some tricks you can perform to cut that number down by forcing the install of more recent Cumulative Updates, those don't always work. Also, Win 7 is NOT supported by MS anymore, and they have not issued any security patches since February -- so unless you install third-party AV product, using it online is begging for malware! As to the memory situation, 4GB works just fine for Win10 -- I don't know why you think you need more.
  6. Anyone have season 2 of this they can post to RapidGator? Asking because ALL the threads for this on all the boards I access are DEAD. Season 1, which is older, is still out there; Season 2 is dead everywhere.
  7. SHOULD have read the date of this closer and noticed it was 2018, not 2020. This is OLD news now and had been abandoned, like so many other MS efforts.
  8. Mark Phelps

    Mary Trump's Book Breaks Record with Huge Sales

    And this surprises who?? Hating Trump has been the national and world-wide pastime for years now. Bashing Trump makes you an instant celebrity and HERO. Folks can go on the public media and say they will MURDER anyone who supports Trump -- and that is not only OK, it gets them record numbers of likes. That's how bad this obsession has become. So, it's not surprising that yet another anti-Trump smear job is a raving success.
  9. Thanks for posting this update using RG
  10. Mark Phelps

    Win10 Pro Graphic Card issues [COMPLETED]

    I have an almost identical system -- and it works without issue -- but it uses a newer Radeon video card. You can pick up cards that will work for under $50 -- they just won't handle really high res (4K). Mine does HD without problems.
  11. Mark Phelps

    MS Word

    Sorry no one replied earlier ... First off, MS Word is generally NOT posted by itself, so it you're looking just for that, you're out of luck. Second, you can generally find recent versions of MS Office, either 2019 or 365, in the Windows --> Applications section and those generally also come with an embedded activator tool which you will then have to use after installing Office. And unfortunately, those versions generally do NOT provide the option to select which MS Office component you want to install, so you usually end up installing ALL of it.
  12. Mark Phelps

    Windows 10 Activate Windows Watermark [COMPLETED]

    It really depends on the activator used, as there is no single answer for this. Tech already gave you a link to one that works. And, I tried the link supplied -- and it works fine for me. Myself, I use either the KMS Activator Ultimate or the KMS Tools by Ratiborus -- but you generally have to search other Warez site and the one I use primarily to get these is down -- again!
  13. Mark Phelps

    Windows 10 Activate Windows Watermark [COMPLETED]

    The watermark indicates is has not been activated -- so you need to run the activation bypass routine to get rid of that.
  14. Mark Phelps

    Windows 10 Activate Windows Watermark [COMPLETED]

    You go to MS and download it: Windows 10 download
  15. Mark Phelps

    Windows 10 Activate Windows Watermark [COMPLETED]

    The current download from MS -- the only real LEGIT version of Windows -- is 1903, not 1809, and it is available for free from them. As I said, the activators don't care about the specific Win10 versions, so do yourself a favor, get the latest version (1930) and activate it.
  16. Mark Phelps

    Windows 10 Activate Windows Watermark [COMPLETED]

    According to the screenshot, you are running Win10 v1809 --which is now nearly a year old. The current version of Win10 is 1903 and version 1909 will be out within a month at most. You would do better looking for a 1903 version and installing that. The activation bypass routines don't care which version of Win10 you are running, they work the same, regardless.
  17. Mark Phelps

    Please Read - A Change is Coming

    You said "$K" -- you meant "4K", right?
  18. Mark Phelps

    My New Computer

    Raedwulf: VERY impressive build -- I especially like the colorful keyboard and mouse. And do my eyes deceive me? A new motherboard that ALSO has a PCI slot?? I though all of those died out years ago! I used to use ASUS board myself on all my builds. The last one I used was an A8N32-SLI board which worked great for years and then one day, it just burnt out! I replaced it with a Gigabyte board and have used those, since.
  19. Mark Phelps

    Want to upgrade from Win 7 Enterpise to 10 Pro

    I'm NOT a huge fan of Win10 myself -- but I've become accustomed to using it and now actually prefer it due to greater familiarization. If I was you, then I would do the following to see if the "migration" from Win7 Ent to Win10 Pro will work out well: 1) Using Macrium Reflect, make an Image backup of Win7 Ent. What I recommend is the following: 1) Download and install Macrium Reflect (MR) from here: http://www.macrium.com/reflectfree.aspx 2) Run MR and choose the option: "Create an image of the partition(s) required to backup and restore Windows" to write a full backup to an external drive or USB stick 3) Use the option to create a boot USB stick or CD My experience is that MR, when using the High Compression option, typically can compress the saved image file to about 50% of the USED space in the OS partition. This means if you have an 80GB OS partition, and 40GB is used, MR only needs about 20GB to store the image file. 2) Grab a copy of Laplink PC Mover Pro -- you will use this to create a migration "file" for Win7 apps and settings. If you can't find that here, you will have to search other sites for it -- most likely, Warez-BB would have it. 3) Install Laplink PC Mover Pro and create the Migration File -- I don't remember the details on how to do this, so you will have to do some Googling. Copy the Migration file to a large USB drive. 4) Install Win10 Pro on your PC -- use the option to format the existing OS partition. But, when it prompts for a product key, choose the option to skip that. If MS gives you issues about activation, you might have to disconnect your network from the Internet. You don't need that access for the rest of this. 5) Boot into Win10 and install Laplink PC Mover Pro 6) Insert the USB stick containing the Migration File and start up PC Mover Pro. Select the option to import from the Migration File. This could take a while, so let it run. If all works well, after Laplink is done and you reboot, you should have your settings and apps back from Win7 Ent. Try them out and see how well they work. NOTE: the final parts of this presume you can install and run Laplink without activating Win10. I have not tried that, so I don't know if that will work.
  20. Mark Phelps

    Realtek High Definition Audio Drivers 6.0.8688.1 WHQL

    Thanks for posting this update using Uploaded!
  21. Mark Phelps

    Upgrading 32-bit to 64-bit

    OK, so before anyone says this can't be done -- I'm well aware of the "official position" on this. But ... I do remember vaguely a while back seeing some hacks posted that would allow you to overwrite the OS and middleware 32-bit libraries with 64-bit and essentially, do an in-place "upgrade" from 32-bit to 64-bit. It was so long ago, that I can't remember where I saw it, nor (despite repeated online searches) can I find that information, anymore. I have an old Win7 32-bit PC whose motherboard I have since replaced with one with a 64-bit processor and tried to Upgrade it to Win10 64-bit, but (of course!) the MS installer would not let me do that, so I had to upgrade it to Win10 32-bit. Doing a clean-install of 64-bit is not a solution -- as I have already tried that and some of the 32-bit apps will not "migrate" to 64-bit, and I even tried using compatibility mode, which does not work for them. I also tried using the well-known "migration" apps of EaseUS and Laplink, and those did not work, either. So, if anyone knows of where I could look for this information, thanks in advance.
  22. Mark Phelps

    Upgrading 32-bit to 64-bit

    If it were me, yes; but, they're my wife's apps -- so, no.
  23. Mark Phelps

    Upgrading 32-bit to 64-bit

    It's not just a matter of the apps not working, it's more a matter of hidden files the apps use that won't work with a clean-install. I did such an install, opened the folders on the Win10 32-bit setup, looked around for hidden files and folders, even saved off and copied Registry entries -- but nonetheless, after all that, some of the really OLD 32-bit apps would still not work. That's why I need to do an in-place Upgrade -- so that I can retain the hidden files/folders and registry settings.
  24. With everything plugged into a USB-C hub, it's like using an HP mini -- which is roughly twice the size of the Note. What you are doing is relegating the Note to be the processing unit with all the peripherals plugged into the hub -- essentially the same idea as when I was using a laptop at work with the cover closed but with it, and everything else,plugged into a dock. It's a proven approach -- just different hardware.
  25. Mark Phelps

    Help....External HD Toshiba 3TB - Died

    I have used Active@File Recovery several times to recover files from drives -- although, be prepared to wait a long time, hours to days, for the SuperScan to look through every sector of the drive. I recently ran it on an external 2TB drive as a test just to see how long it would take -- since the drive can not be removed from its case and can only connect via USB3 port. The SuperScan took over ten days -- but I was able to recover about 40GB of files that I thought I had lost. If you hook the drive to an internal SATA port, it will scan much faster, but I still let it run overnight and check the results the next day.