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  1. huskerfan4life

    FlippingBook Publisher 2.2.24

    I got the pm to but I don't even know how to crack software so I don't know why I received this
  2. I love the AMC Series & would love to start reading the Comics, if anyone could help out I'd be greatly appreciative
  3. I saw the movie & I thought it was utterly a waste of my team
  4. huskerfan4life

    Interesting concept....hmmmmmmm

    so what exactly is this
  5. huskerfan4life

    Assassin Creed 3

    I really don't understand this cause I thought that Assassin's Creed Revelation was supposed to be the last in the series
  6. huskerfan4life

    Kim Dotcom granted bail

    I'm glad he was granted bail & I hope he sues the hell out of the US because I really think what the US is doing is wrong, and just like the socialist Messiah Obama to want to control everything even the internet, but this is not new for a demorat remember Al Whore oopps I mean Al Gore invented the internet, yea right LOL what a jackass
  7. huskerfan4life

    PC Games in 2012

    the commercials for Mass Effect3 are just awesome they way put put real live actors immersed in the game it top notch for a commercial
  8. huskerfan4life

    Sharing is not piracy

    that made me laugh I love it
  9. huskerfan4life

    PC Games in 2012

    march 27th I'm getting the new tiger woods game
  10. huskerfan4life

    A conversation with images

    thanks for all of these awesome pics I was laughing my ass off
  11. hotsizzle is cheap 4 bucks a month, s I i see a download links for ul.to then I would vpn? because thats what I want to use the vpn for is for accessing hosts that are no longer availbe in the us
  12. huskerfan4life

    Post your internet connection speed

    heres my speeds
  13. huskerfan4life

    PayPal to refund Filesonic payments

    I got mty refund I think PayPal will probably drop filesonic if they have not already
  14. huskerfan4life

    Some interesting CW designs

    these are awesome & I was wondrring how I would use one as my sig?
  15. huskerfan4life

    does anyone know where I can find info on the Ipad3

    thanks for all the info guys